Aug 8, 2014

Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick Have Broken Up (Again) - Read All the Juicy Details

I swear, these two break up every other month, but it looks like they haven broken up for good this time around.

She tried y'all, she really tried it this time. Basketball Wives L.A. and Blame Draya star Draya Michele was really working hard for that wifey title. She was covering up her lady lumps, going to the zoo with boyfriend Orlando Scandrick and his kids, finally spending time with her own son, and wearing panties for the first time in years. But in the end, this relationship is done, in the toilet, flush it and watch it swirl, baby.

It all started on Instagram (duh, did you think this relationship would end any other way?). Draya was recently in Oxnard, California at the Cowboy's training camp to watch her man work out. Everyone thought the couple was back together and everything was fine. Welp, Draya shocked everyone when she made this announcement last night to all of her followers.

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Rumors have been floating around for months that the couple had broken up but Draya would always deny it.  Orlando even took Draya to the Espy awards even though they looked uncomfortable with each other and were probably fighting on the way there and back.  Draya had moved her son Niko into Orlando's Los Angeles home and he had really bonded with his new step-siblings. Whatever happened must have been pretty major for Draya to be the one who let go. You know she's down for any and everything: girls, guys, threesomes, foursomes etc. But in the end, bussin' it open wide wasn't enough to keep her boo thang happy.

                              View Video Of Draya And Orlando's Painfully Awkward Relationship

This situation really sucks for Orlando's twin daughters and Draya's son. They were all living together like a family and they seemed to really enjoy each other's company. This is probably Niko's first taste of having a real father figure in his life (besides Draya's dad) and now it is all being pulled away for him. Poor baby.

You have to admit, this relationship changed Draya for the better. She was acting a little more classy, opening multiple businesses and trying to empower other women to do the same. Even if it was all b.s. and she was just putting on a front to impress Orlando and get that ring, she played it off well. I still have hope for her and hopefully she continues down the right path and finds someone who's a better fit for her. 

*Draya proceeds to burn all of her Dallas Cowboy attire*

Who will Draya date next? Do you think she and Orlando will reconcile?

Check out the You Tube video we made showing Draya and Orlando during happier times.


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