Dec 28, 2013

Video: Draya's Painful Relationship with Dallas Cowboys Player, Orlando Scandrick

Have you ever came in contact with someone that was so dumb that you felt almost embarrassed for them? And then you sat back and wondered how that person even graduated from middle school? Well, that's the way I felt when I watched Draya Michele's new webisode series on You Tube.  The reality show entitled, Blame Draya, has cameras following the ex-Basketball Wives star as she and her new boo, Dallas Cowboys' Orlando Scandrick, get their charity on during the holidays.

The clip is about 19 minutes long and let me warn you, this episode is beyond painful. Draya and Orlando are constantly arguing about things like whether or not Beyonce is the Queen of everything and who is in charge of paying the Dallas police force.

I don't know how Orlando does it. I mean, he is clearly a little slow but he can do better than trashbox Draya. How or why he thought it was a good idea to wife her is beyond me. That voice of hers is so annoying and Orlando looks irritated by her dumb azz.  She is constantly arguing and debating with him on every little thing. That shyts gonna get real old real quick. Like, what real man wants to sit up and debate with his lady about whether or not Beyonce is better than Oprah? Is this really what life has come to?

Oh, and the best part of the entire episode is when Orlando gets a text at 12 a.m. and Draya was questioning him about it. Poor little insecure ratface Draya smh. Must be hard being a groupie and being so insecure in your relationship because of all the relationships you played a part in ruining. Karma, honey!


  1. He said Kanye's real name is not Kanye West? LOOOOOooooLLL!!

  2. I hope she keeps draining him so he's too week to play against the EAGLES tomorrow!!! LOL Go EAGLES!!!