Jul 20, 2013

Draya Michele Shows up on the Red Carpet with Her New Victim

Does this young tender not own a laptop? A television? A newspaper? A King Magazine? Does he not have any females in his life that watch reality t.v.? Does his sister and girl cousins hate him so much that they are co-signing this fukkery? How can he not know he is standing next to America's heaux of the decade? Why is this happening right now? Who is this sizzling platter of Grade A beef of a man? Is he paying for her services? What is he doing with Draya "I leave my son at home with t.v. dinners" Michele? So many questions and not enough answers, dammit!

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Draya Michele showed up to the Espy's award show with Dallas Cowboys' Orlando Scandrick. Twitter and Instagram were ablaze with the new couple posting flicks of themselves as the haters died a slow and painful death.  Well, not so fast. Looks like Orlando has just as much baggage as Draya (is anyone surprised?)

Allegedly, Orlando is 26-years-old and has twins with his ex. They were engaged to be married but he allegedly dumped her for Draya. Smh. So you're just gonna leave the woman that's been putting up with your tired azz for years for a bird that's been knocked down by at least 12 of your peers? Jesus weeps!

What do you think of Draya's new boyfriend? Do you think this relationship was built to last? (Don't laugh, this is a serious question). 


  1. I hope this relationship plays out on TV...I'm ready for some mess! SMH