Mar 8, 2014

*UPDATE* Draya Michele & Orlando Scandrick Have Called it Quits on Their 1 Year Anniversary?

It's too bad it couldn't last, right? 

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Draya Michele has been dating Dallas Cowboy's Orlando Scandrick for a year but it looks like the couple has thrown in the towel on their fake relationship. 

Draya made the internet blow up when she stepped out on the ESPY Awards red carpet with her new boo thang, Orlando. Quickly, the couple moved in together and blended their families (Draya with her son from a previous relationship and Orlando with his twin daughters.)

Draya was in love and didn't give a damn about what anyone had to say about it. She even publicly revoked her own heaux card on Instagram. The pelican-esque former groupie and jersey chaser exchanged her see-through dresses for turtle necks, long sleeves, and she even started wearing panties. Oh joy!

Orlando made numerous appearances on Draya's webseries "Blame Draya" and he also became a major focus of this seasons Basketball Wives L.A. as a love triangle between Jackie's daughter, Orlando, and Draya emerged. 

Draya seemed excited for her one year anniversary on March 5th, but the day came and went without a peep from her. You know she's the first to flaunt her gifts and her boo online so it was odd that she didn't have anything of importance to say on such an important day, right?

Welp, Orlando sure wasn't keeping his mouth closed as he retweeted a tweet on the day of his anniversary:

Is Draya back to her old lezbun ways? Did she realize she's an eternal heaux and decide to end things with Orlando? Or did Mr. Scandrick come to his senses and realize everyone in the NFL has punted their football in between Draya's legs? So many questions, not enough answers!

Orlando posted a picture of Draya as his "Woman Crush Wednesday" but then deleted the picture a couple of days later.  And on Friday, Draya posted a picture so raunchy I can't even post it on my site so you will have to scour her Instagram to get the goods. But anyway, the picture pretty much confirms her single status and advertises her blown out vajay at the same time. It looks like this relationship is over for good and you know Draya will be on to the next athlete!

What do you think about Draya & Orlando calling it quits on their relationship?

**UPDATE** I swear this happens every time I try to drop some exclusive tea ughh beyond frustrating!  About an hour after I tweeted out this story, Orlando reposted his picture of Draya on his Instagram and title it his "Woman Crush Everyday". So it looks like these two have reconciled for now but I'll bet a dollar that things will be going downhill again soon!


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