Is Laura Govan's Baby Daddy Cheating on Her with a Chinese News Reporter?

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Laura Govan has been engaged to her basketball player boo Gilbert Arenas since 2008 (read more here).  Gilbert has been playing basketball overseas for the Shanghai Sharks (read here) and sources are reporting that Gilbert has allegedly been getting it in with multiple women in Shanghai while Laura is here in the states raising their four children!

Instagram has been popping with pictures of Gilbert with a Chinese news reporter (I am withholding her name).  Now, I'm not saying that he is cheating on Laura with this particular woman, but pictures of Gil are all over her Instagram page and they have allegedly been spending a lot of time together.

Gilbert was injured for awhile and was unable to play so he had to sit on the sidelines and apparently, the news reporter got to sit right next to her alleged boo. 

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News Reporter and Gilbert sitting next to each other during a game.

A candid picture that the news reporter took of Gilbert

She gets to sit right up under him? Very interesting...

Look at how he's looking at her in the top pic! Oh lawd!

Laura, come get yo baby daddy!

*Disclaimer: This information is all alleged so Laura, don't send any lawsuits my way! Thanks, boo!*

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