May 16, 2019

Katie Rost Has a New Boyfriend & We Are WORRIED!

Even though Katie Rost was booted as a full-time cast member of The Real Housewives of Potomac after Season 1, she keeps us up-to-date about what's going on in her life through her social media accounts. And, let's just say, this girl has been busy. She even has a new boyfriend, but we're worried about their relationship.

Here's why

1. A divorce & a broken engagement

katie rost ex-boyfriend andrew martin

Katie has been searching for love ever since she left her ex-husband, Dr. James Orsini, when she was four months pregnant with their twins. They would end their marriage in 2016 after four years.

Fans of the reality show remember seeing her with a new man named Andrew Martin on episodes of Real Housewives of Potomac. She and Andrew would eventually get engaged, but Katie called off the wedding in 2016, Perez Hilton reports.

That same year, her ex-husband got custody of their three children. Katie refused to talk about the custody issue on the show, and a source close to production told Page Six that Katie was demoted to a friend of the housewives because she wouldn’t allow the camera crew to film inside her home anymore.

Without her much-needed Bravo Tv paycheck, and the non-stop drama between her and her ex-husband, Katie’s finances took a hit. But we’ll dig deeper into that in a bit.

2. Another brief romance 

katie rost boyfriend jeremy

Despite everything that was going on, Katie still found time to fall in love. She began dating a man named Jeremy, and it wasn’t long before they created a joint Instagram account called Rost and Beer, and he began living with her at her family’s farm in Virginia. But before we knew it, Jeremy was a distant memory.

3. A devastating loss

katie rost boyfriend jacob

Katie quickly moved on with a guy named Jacob. This is where things got a little crazy. Katie celebrated Jacob’s 27th birthday in 2018, and there was something else for them to be really excited about. Katie announced she was pregnant with her fourth child. Sadly, on Valentine’s Day 2019, she posted an image online and revealed she had suffered a miscarriage. We also shared the news in this YouTube video.

She would later tell Page Six that Jacob was the one who posted the picture, and it had already spread across the internet by the time she deleted it. At that point, Katie had a lot going on in her life. Not only had she not seen her three little ones in months, but her debt was piling up, and her relationship with Jacob quickly came to an end after she allegedly cheated on him.

4. She found love in Los Angeles

katie rost boyfriend jesse

To get away from everything that was going on at home, four days after she announced she was no longer pregnant, Katie and her mom, Rynthia, hopped on a plane and headed out to California, according to her social media account. Many people thought Katie was headed out west to seek therapy. Instead, she hit up Essence’s Black Women In Hollywood festivities, where she bumped into Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Kandi Burruss and Eva Marcille.

When the event ended, her mom headed back home, but Katie stayed in Los Angeles. She told her fans she's now “bi-coastal” and would be working on finishing up her memoir in L.A. But just weeks after her arrival, she met her new boyfriend, a man named Jesse.

5. Things are moving fast

katie rost boyfriend jesse

In a matter of days, they were attached at the hip. They’ve been spotted on romantic dinners, and they’ve traveled all over the U.S. together. They rode bikes in New York City, did cartwheels on the beach in Santa Barbara, California, and relaxed in Beverly Hills. Even her mom began to wonder when Katie would return back home to the farm. However, it looks like the reality star is going to stay put in Cali because she and her new boyfriend are now looking for a home together.

In an April 2019 Instagram post, she wrote, "We were looking for a house on the beach but our hunting found something much better... fingers and toes crossed that it works out. I’m so happy! #househunting."

6. He's spoiling her with gifts

Katie has made it known that she’s already in love with Jesse, and it looks like he feels the same way. Just weeks after they first met, he began spoiling her with lavish gifts, including some pricey pieces from Chanel. The supermodel appears to be living her best life, but not everyone is happy that she has moved on so quickly after the end of her last relationship.

7. Her fans are upset, but Jesse has it under control

katie rost gizelle bryant

Some of Katie's fans feel duped after they donated money to her February 2019 Go Fund Me campaign. She raised a little over six hundred dollars at the time of this article. One fan was upset that they donated their hard-earned money to someone who’s feasting on sushi and dining out at expensive restaurants, like Nobu. Katie thanked the fan for her generosity, before adding that her new boyfriend Jesse is funding her in an attempt to reunite her with her children.

Oddly enough, her fundraising campaign is still active. What's good, Katie?

8. She's still in the midst of a custody battle

katie rost kids

So how will Katie schedule visitation while she’s residing in Los Angeles? Page Six discovered she had attempted to schedule visitation on two different occasions since the last time she saw her children in June 2018.

The court instructed her that all visitations must be held at Bergen Family Center, and so when Katie tried to see her children outside of the facility, she was denied. Apparently, no further attempts have been made.

These days, it looks like Katie is ready to start a new life and make Los Angeles her full-time home with Jesse by her side. Even though we’re worried about her jumping into a new relationship so soon, we hope she has finally found her happily-ever-after.

Are we the only ones worried about Katie's new relationship?


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