Aug 3, 2015

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

basketball wives la season 4 episode 4 recap

The ladies are still talking about fupas (or "frupas" as Jackie Christie says) on season 4 episode 4 of Basketball Wives L.A. It's the night of Jackie's screening for her new liquor commercial and Mehgan is trying to act civilized until this reformed heaux starts baiting her...

Draya's always one to start some mess right? Well, this week's episode was no different. But unlike other cast members, Mehgan isn't here to play nice.

They go at it again about Mehgan fupa, and Mehgan is trying to convince the ladies that she's not working with an extra roll above her lady parts. She admits to having lipo and the doctor sucked the fat from her stomach and placed it in her butt. Maybe she should have paid a little extra, because she clearly had some stomach hanging over in that commercial, but hey, she's human!

It started off as an A and B conversation until Malaysia Pargo (and that distracting leave-out at the back of her head) and Brandi Maxwell decided to jump in and defend Draya. Mehgan was trying to tell them that she would have welcomed Draya's criticism if she went about it the right way. But you know, Draya always thinks she's perfect and everyone's below her. If you want constructive criticism, you're not gonna get it from her!

Of all people, Shaunie O'neal steps in to defend Mehgan while she's getting triple teamed by Draya, Malaysia and Brandi. Maybe it's because Shaunie is older and has some sense left in her brain so she's able to recognize what's right and what's wrong. 

Ain't no Nene Leakes here! When Jackie says she's going to do something for charity, she stands by her word. One of Brandi's conditions on forgiving Jackie for her insensitive comments about her cancer was for Jackie to throw a charity function to raise money for ovarian cancer research. Jackie's going with a Great Gatsby theme, and she invited Mehgan to help her pick out props.

Jackie immediately gets defensive when Mehgan calls her out on the "frupa" comment. Jackie says she never said the word "frupa" before and someone is lying on her lol. I guess this old bird doesn't realize this show is filmed and all her words are caught on tape.

When Jackie tells Mehgan that Draya said her fake booty made the commercial look "urban", Meghan pulls out her phone and shows Jackie screenshots of Draya's sex tape. Jackie acts all shocked but admits she already saw the sextape on the net. You know she probably got all hot and bothered while watching it too!

Brandi and her husband are separated because he can't keep his peen in his pants. He's living in Charlotte now to get his mind right so he can "miss her".

Yes, Brandi. I'm pretty sure he misses you so much when he's balls deep in his side chick. 

Oh look who's back and looking as rough as ever.

Evelyn Lozada meets up with Shaunie for drinks, and Shaunie tells her how she feels bad for Mehgan. Evelyn is trying to play like she's so concerned about Mehgan getting picked on, but isn't this the same lady that bullied multiple people in Miami? Oh, how quickly we forget.

Before the scene is over, Evelyn takes shots at Jackie's weave by placing a piece of pink cotton candy on her head and saying it looks like Jackie's hair. Smh, it was funny, but you know Jackie probably blew a gasket when she watched this scene.

Draya's friend, Angel Brinks, joins the cast. Now you know, any friend of Draya's is likely a heaux, so we'll have some more tea on this man in a later post. (Yes, I said man).

Draya stops by Angel's home and they talk about her relationship with NBA player Tyreke Evans. Angel and Tyreke just had a baby two years ago, but they're no longer together (surprise, surprise). Draya thinks Angel should meet the rest of the cast, and Angel agrees. They later go to some weird yoga studio where Angel meets Jackie for the first time. Jackie immediately gets jealous when she learns Draya has a deep relationship with Angel. Jackie is one strange lady I tell ya. 

The ladies meet up to talk about Jackie's Great Gatsby charity event, and of course Jackie wants to talk about drama. She thinks it was disrespectful for Draya and Mehgan to start fighting at her commercial launch party and she demands an apology. Mehgan apologizes to both Jackie and Draya for her actions, but Draya of course is sitting there smug like she had nothing to do with it.

The ladies then decide they should all go on a trip together (for why lawd?). Draya says she wants to bring her friend, Angel. Shaunie says she doesn't "do new people" and she won't be going if Draya is bringing a plus one. A few of the ladies were also apprehensive and it took me a second to figure out why.

I mean, clearly Shaunie knows who Angel is because she's executive producer and played a part in casting everyone on the show, but the NBA basketball wives/girlfriends circle is small and everyone be sucking and pumping everyone's man. The other ladies could be afraid of who is coming in the circle because maybe the new girl slept with their man at one time, or maybe they slept with her man back in the day. It's just a whole merry go round of nastiness and bodily fluids going on around there.

Draya meets up with Brandi and Malaysia and she tells them Mehgan shouldn't be invited on the trip since they don't know her. Brandi and Malaysia admit they like Mehgan and they want to get to know her. Draya feels betrayed because I guess if you're Draya's friend, you can't possibly be friends with anyone else, right?!

Ugh, this show is exhausting, but I can't look away.

What did you think of this week's episode of Baskteball Wives L.A.?


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