Aug 7, 2015

Basketball Wives - Mehgan’s Plastic Surgeon Revealed

mehgan james plastic surgeon revealed

On episode 4 of Basketball Wives L.A., newcomer Mehgan James admitted to having lipo on her stomach and having the fat transferred to her butt. I did some digging and found that the plastic surgeon who's responsible for her remaining fupa is a Beverly Hills doctor named Dr. M of Rodeo Surgical Art. I took a look at his website, and he performs all sorts of sorcery from butt lifts to boob jobs to total body resculpting. 

mehgan's plastic surgeon basketball wives

I'm thinking Dr. M is giving a 2 for 1 special for reality stars because he had pictures of Morgan (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood) and Amanda Secor (LHHH) in his office, but of course, when I went back to get screenshots of the pictures, they had already been deleted. 

Hey, if you're not born with it, why not buy it, right?


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