Jan 1, 2015

Confirmed: Emily B is Pregnant by Fabolous

Emily B is pregnant by Fabolous

Well, it's official. Emily B has confirmed that she is pregnant by rapper Fabolous. This will be the couple's second child and Emily's third (she has a daughter from a previous relationship).

The ex-Love & Hip Hop New York star was gifted a sweet Rolls Royce Ghost by her on again off again boyfriend Fab for Christmas. In my Christmas post, I mentioned that there were also rumors going around about Emily being knocked up, and it looks like the rumors were on point.

On New Years day, Emily announced to her Instagram followers that she is indeed cooking a baby in her tummy. She shared this picture of her baby bump. No shade, but she looks the same as when she wasn't pregnant...

Emily B baby bump
Emily B Instagram

Through all of the cheating, lies and heartache, it looks like Emily is ready for another round of being Fabolous' doormat.  I guess she said, "Screw getting married!" and decided to just have another baby instead. Because as we all know, Fab is not about to be somebody's hubby.

Clearly Emily is comfortable in the situation with Fab so who are we to judge? 

Now that Emily B is pregnant by Fabolous, do you think he will take their relationship to the next level? Or, is Emily destined to be a baby mama forever?


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