Dec 1, 2014

When Opening Your Legs to Married Men Goes Horribly Wrong: Porsha Williams Loses Her Sugar Daddy & Rolls Royce

Not the Rolls though!

Real Housewives of Atlanta and ex-peach holder Porsha Williams might just be having the worst winter ever. After being demoted from starring on the Atlanta housewives to just being a "friend" of the cast, you would think things couldn't get any worse for Kordell Stewart's ex-wife, right?

Porsha has been flossing around Atlanta in a Rolls Royce and renting an 8,000-square-foot home for more than a year. Now, I ain't one to count someone else's money but I was thinking that Porsha was either A) stunting hard for the 'Gram (that's Instagram for the newbies) or, B) was bussin' it open wide for some old wrinkly balled billionaire or, C) both A & B.

Is it proper for one to floss in front of a rented home? Is it in your name tho?

It seems that I wasn't too off on my assumptions as sources are now reporting that Porsha was doing way too much on social media and her sugar daddy wasn't having it. He broke things off with her and now, she has been forced to sell her car to help pay the bills.

Some of the swag from Mr. Wrinkly Balls?

Goodbye Rolls, its been nice!

Porsha's sugar daddy also happens to be married...allegedly. I wonder what Nene Leakes and Phaedra Parks have to say about this? You know they were so disgusted when Kenya Moore was "flirting" with Apollo Nida, so I'm sure they will be heated about Porsha allegedly selling her cookie for cars and clothes *rolls eyes*

I'm guessing this was one of the photos that set ol' Wrinkly Balls off. 

It looks like Porsha's gonna need to find a new boo. She thought she had a sponsor on deck with the Philadelphia Eagles' LeSean McCoy, but come to find out, he was two-timing her with Love & Hip Hop New York's Tahiry Jose.

Smh, this girl just can't it right. Hosea Williams did not die for this, Porsha!

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