May 25, 2014

Basketball Wives L.A's Malaysia Pargo Finally Files for Divorce from Husband Jannero.

Didn't I call this divorce not too long ago? Damn, I'm so good!

Basketball Wives L.A.'s Malaysia "Laquisha" Pargo is finally throwing in the towel and divorcing her husband, ex-NBA player Janner Pargo. I knew this marriage was on the rocks once Malaysia started spending less time away from home and more time with Thot President Draya Michele. I know some of y'all are probably looking at me crazy like "THOT? What the hayle is that?"


According to various news outlets, Malaysia filed for divorce at an L.A. courthouse on 5/24. After seven years of marriage and three kids, she is too through with Jannero's lying, cheating, and "break babies". Don't look at me crazy, you know damn well what a "break baby" is. Remember when Ludacris knocked up some chick when he was on a "break" from his main chick Eudoxie? Yeah, that's that "break baby" life.

Malaysia has confirmed on an episode of Basket Ball Wives that her husband has cheated on her in the past. I guess the cheating didn't mean anything until he started to plant his seed in other gardens. Either way, Malaysia is better off and I'm sure Draya will hook her up with some of her Fine Ass Girls clothing so she can hit them streets and find her a new dummy man.

What do you think about Malaysia Pargo filing for divorce from her husband Jannero?


  1. The ful meaning of a "thot" is "that ho over there"