Jan 12, 2014

Malaysia Pargo to Divorce Her Husband Jannero & Ends Her Friendship with Bambi

About a year ago, I reported that there might be trouble in paradise between Basketball Wives L.A.'s Malaysia Pargo and her husband Jannero.  The couple were living separate lives and May May was out at different events with her snatch practically hanging out of her skirt and minus a wedding band on her ring finger. Well now, I can pretty much officially confirm that their marriage is done with and in the toilet.

Malaysia keeps things pretty positive on her Instagram and she has no trouble with telling her followers the truth. On one particular picture (and please forgive me because I forgot to screenshot it and now can't even remember which picture it was smh) a follower asked her if she hangs out with her husband at all and she answered "No". Someone then asked her if she is cool with her cast-mate and real life friend Bambi and Malaysia again answered "No".  Bambi and Malaysia have not been pictured together in over a year so I'm surprised that she gave ol' gummy bear the boot. 

Now, this might not be enough confirmation for some people to believe that Malaysia is now a single woman, but another blog site has screenshots of Malaysia telling Jannero that she is not butt hurt about their separation and she is moving on with life. I'm not linking that other blog because I can't stand it and they randomly spew lies about 98% of the time. But just do a google search and I'm sure the story will pop up for yall!

May May will be alright though, she's not the brightest bulb but she is beautiful and can dress her azz off. She'll be boinking another baller in a heartbeat.

Malaysia and Jannero were married in 2007 and the couple share three children together.

What do you think about Malaysia and her husband splitting up? Do you think Malaysia did the right thing about ending her friendship with Bambi?


  1. It's because he cheated on her

  2. Why was she crying over a cheater?