EXCLUSIVE: Erica Dixon & Oshea Russell Have Broken Up

Now, I might be jumping the gun on this one but all of my sources are pointing towards Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon finally throwing in the towel with her boyfriend, O'shea Russell.

After ending her engagement to Lil Scrappy, Erica jumped knee deep into a romance with the unemployed father of three. The couple spent New Years Eve together but have not posted any pictures together since then. To make matters even worse, Oshea has deleted all of the pictures of him and Erica from his Instagram account. You know in these days that's the equivalent to "I ain't fukking with you no more".

Erica's pictures of O'shea have been tapering off since last year when O'shea's brother was killed in Virginia but normally, the thirst was coming from Oshea's side so when I saw that he got rid of her pictures, I knew it was a wrap!

After a few days, O'shea must have came to his senses and realized that his meal ticket boo thang had no worries and was moving on without his broke azz. In a last attempt to get Erica's attention, he posted this on Twitter because Erica is no longer following him on Instagram:

What a complete and ultimate fail. I don't know about Erica, but that bad grammar, the lazy eye and that caked up deodorant do NOT get my panties wet! No gracias!

Erica has yet to reply to O'shea's request for attention at this time but I'm guessing she will be blocking him from her Twitter account within the next few days. Poor, Oshea. Back to oblivion you go!

Stay tuned because this story is not over yet, I have some hot piping tea that I will be sharing with y'all in the next week or so!

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