Oct 13, 2013

Erica Dixon's Boyfriend Loses a Loved One to Gun Violence - Also, Is There Trouble in Paradise for the Couple?

Oshea Russell and his younger brother Victor Russell

Things have been pretty quiet between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon and her boyfriend, Oshea Russell. I mean, things were sooo quiet that I have been thinking about writing a blog post about it for the last week or so. The couple, who were pictured together every weekend all boo'd up at different nightclubs, have not been pictured together in weeks. Oshea, with his love of collages, has not created a collage devoting his love to Erica in weeks. It appeared to me, that things were cooling off between the twosome and then this happened...

On Erica's birthday, October 11th, Oshea's younger brother Victor Russell was at a homecoming party in a hotel in Newport News, Virginia when an altercation inside the club escalated. According to the Daily Press, Victor, his friend who has not been identified, and the suspect took the beef outside where gunshots rang. Victor was killed at the scene, his friend is in the hospital recovering from non-life threatening wounds and the suspect is behind bars. Neither Erica nor Oshea were present during the murder (they were at another club in Atlanta). 23-year-old Victor leaves behind his family and a young son.

Erica posted a picture of Victor on her Instagram and gave her condolences to his family and Oshea has resumed his collage making skills by posting numerous pictures of his brother with the letters "RIP" scrawled across them. My question is, will this tragedy pull Erica and Oshea together or is this relationship already on its last leg? The day after the shooting, Erica was at a dinner with family and friends to continue her birthday celebration and I assume that Oshea flew back to Virginia to be with his family.  I guess time will tell if this relationship was built to last or if it's already on its last leg.

Condolences to the Russell family.