Oct 28, 2013

Erica Dixon's New Boyfriend Oshea Russell Gets Exposed!

Awww, sookie sookie now! Now, I ain't one to believe mindless gossip on the interwebs...ok I'm lying, so what?

Something about Erica Dixon's new boyfriend really rubs me the wrong way. From his attention whoring, to his bible verse sprawled across his nekkid chest, to him "turning up" in the club just a week after his brother was killed. Everything about the 21-year-old father of three just screams "run away, Erica! Don't look back, girl!"

So I was getting my normal insta-stalk on when I came across Erica's page. She posted a picture of her new boyfriend, Virginia native Oshea Russell and the comments section of the picture blew all the way up! Some one under the anonymous name of 'realchristian2' (how fitting) spilled all the tea!

Man oh man. So Oshea, oops I'm sorry I mean REUBEN is a 21-year-old father of three children by three different women and Erica is laying up with him like that's her boo? I mean, I could understand if his children were a little bit older, and I could understand even more if they were by the same woman or even 3 kids by two women. But all his kids look like they're under the age of four so apparently Reuben has been reckless with his paynus in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I was gonna post a picture of his children but they're innocent in this fukkery so I'll leave them out of it but seriously though Erica, wake up and smell the Georgia peaches honey boo. This right here is not a good look for you.

And if I'm right in my assumptions, Erica will be popping out baby number 4 for Oshea the unemployed ex-model in the next few months smh.

What do you think about Oshea/Reuben getting exposed on Instagram?


  1. He is NOT 21. He graduated high school in 2001. He is about 31-32!