Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon is Pregnant?

Oh lawd, please let my eyes be deceiving me!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon spent the weekend partying away with her boyfriend Oshea Russell and his friends in Atlanta.  Everything was all good until the following photo was posted on Erica's Instagram. Call me crazy but I see a baby bump!

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If Erica is indeed pregnant, this will be her second child and Oshea's fourth (by four different women). But Erica isn't going to let an illegitimate bun in her oven slow her down. She's still keeping up with all of her club appearances and she somehow manages to still slide into her one-piece camel toe inducing jumpsuits and cheap bodycon dresses. 

Erica and Oshea have been dating since the summer and the twosome have "turned up" at every club up and down the east coast and in the South. Seriously, about 85% of their pictures together are of the two of them in some dingy Atlanta club with glossy eyes and a drink in their hand. Some couples pray together, and some couples party together. Welp, it looks like Erica and Oshea have the best of both worlds.

One of Oshea's many collages dedicated to Erica.

Let's all hold hands and hope that Erica is not that dumb. I mean, I know she dated Lil' Scrappy's half-retarded azz for years but I'm hoping she has learned her lesson when it comes to these no good men!

I'm calling Oshea "no good" for multiple reason which we will discuss at another time but for now, tell me what you think. Is Erica Dixon cooking an Oshea Jr. in her belly or did she eat one too many chalupas?

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  1. She looks a little thick around the waist but no I don't think she's pregnant

  2. I don't think she's pregnant either. That's that "I'm in love weight" LOL!