Dec 18, 2012

K.Michelle Gets Dumped By Her NBA Player Boo Thang

Oh, how quickly this love affair has ended! On December 11th, I reported that Love & Hip Hop's K.Michelle was in some sort of hoodlove relationship with NBA player J.R. Smith (read more here).  K told a radio station that J.R. had dumped her and she was trying her hardest to get him back into her life.  After pictures of the twosome making out in a nightclub hit the internet, everyone assumed that K had accomplished her mission and was back together with her boo thang.

Unfortunately, their reconciliation was short lived! J.R. just put K on blast and told all of his followers that he is SINGEL lol. Yup, not "single" but "singel"...

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So you gonna tweet the man about having a threesome (read here) and let the man rub all up on your booty, but he's not even claiming you? Do better, K!

After getting her wig snatched by her own boo  ex, K tried to save face by letting everyone know that J.R. dumps her all the time!

I have a feeling these two will be getting back together after the holidays lol. Poor K.Michelle stays losing!

What do you think about K.Michelle and J.R. Smith breaking up again?


  1. Love K Michelle...just wish she would get out of the sandbox and find a real man.

    1. Yeah I wish her luck with that. No one takes her seriously!