Dec 11, 2012

K.Michelle is Thirsty for NBA Player J.R. Smith

K.Michelle stopped by Hot97 radio show to talk about our favorite hood ghetto novela Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, her relationship with her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend Memphitz (story is here), Rasheeda's bags, and most importantly, the thirst she has for a certain NBA player.

Some highlights from the video:

  • R.Kelly is her mentor and he taught her to write songs about what she really feels (a.k.a. get raunchy with it).  This led her to write a song called "I just want to f**k" and it was inspired by 27-year-old New York Knicks' player J.R. Smith.
  • Every time she thinks of something sexual, she is thinking of J.R.
  • She messed up things with him and is trying to make things better again.

K. Michelle is also cutting up on Twitter by tweeting J.R. night and day and implying that they get down with threesomes. Read more to see her tweets.

J.R. seems to be responding and retweeting her so perhaps he is giving her a second chance after she "messed things up".If you aren't familiar with basketball, here is the pic of the man that has K.Michelle foaming at the mouth:

J.R. Smith Mugshot Courtesy of TMZ

Looks like Mr. Smith was arrested earlier this year for having a warrant after he failed to pay a traffic ticket. This will probably end well for K.Michelle *sarcasm*

If you want to view K's thirst in full effect, skip to the eight minute part of the video and enjoy!

What do you think about K.Michelle's candid thoughts about J.R. Smith? Do you think this "relationship" will last?

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