Dec 26, 2012

Exclusive: Love & Hip Hop Cast Member's Past Fling with K.Michelle's Ex-Boo!

J.R. Smith, Tahiry and Joe Budden

I've always stated that the entertainment world is one big circle full of swapping mates, swapping spit, and a lifetime of antibiotics so I knew that when the new cast of Love & Hip Hop New York was announced that some of the cast mates would be connected to a few of our favorite reality t.v. stars.  I love to play connect the ratchet hood love dots!

Remember last week when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's K.Michelle got dumped on Twitter by NBA player J.R. Smith (read here)? K.Michelle was embarrassing herself on Twitter by telling everyone that J.R. breaks up with her every two weeks and J.R. is still on Twitter claiming that he is single and looking for an all natural woman (K.Michelle and her fake buns need not apply). 

K.Michelle and J.R. Smith during happier times (two weeks ago)

Well, J.R. has quite the reputation of showing off on Twitter and putting his women on blast! Earlier this year, J.R. was "dating" Love & Hip Hop New York's new cast member, Tahiry. Tahiry is the ex-girlfriend of New Jersey rapper Joe Budden (who will also be on the new season of LHHNY). J.R., Tahiry, and Joe were involved in a awkward love triangle Twitter beef and being the immature punk that he is, J.R. found it appropriate to tweet a picture of Tahiry laying in a Motel 6 bed with her butt exposed.  He was clearly trying to get under Joe's skin but the tweet actually backfired. Not only did J.R. get fined $25,000 by the NBA for the tweeting the inappropriate picture, he also decided it was a good idea to dump Tahiry via Twitter and pass her used goods back to Joe (are you noticing a pattern?).

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I don't know why K.Michelle thought that giving J.R. a second of her time was a good idea.  If he thinks that posting provocative pictures of someone he "cares" about is okay, imagine what he is capable of? K.Michelle dodged a bullet but something tells me she is not done with J.R. yet.

In another odd twist, Tahiry also dated Emily Bustamante's baby daddy Fabolous in the late 90s.  You see what I mean about the swapped spit? Everyone's been with everyone in some capacity! It's too bad Emily got fired won't be returning to the New York series. I would have paid good money to see Emily crying and slanging snot over Fab's past relationship. 

What do you think about this circle of messiness?


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