Nov 29, 2012

Keyshia Cole Dirty Picture Surfaces Online - Keyshia Denies It Is Her *UPDATE!*

Photo Courtesy of Keyshia's Twitter

Dang, my girl Keyshia Cole has been getting her wig snatched for the entire month of November!

There is a picture floating around online of a woman who looks like Keyshia Cole performing some sucky sucky action on an unknown male.  Sorry, I can't post the photo or a link to it on my site but if you get your Magnum P.I. skills on, you can easily find the picture online.  Anywaytho, Keyshia is pissed to smithereens about the picture and denies that it is her.  I viewed it and to be honest, it doesn't look like her...but it does look like her at the same time.

Keyshia, who has been using her Twitter to pop off on fans and naysayers these past few days, has posted a reply:

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You know what I love about Keyshia? I love the fact that she thinks just because she is married now that she is exempt from gossip and online fukkery. It don't work that way, boo! Enough with throwing the "I'm married y'all" card in everyone's face, it's getting old and tired.

Her husband Daniel "Booby" Gibson has been going on a rampage by blocking all the men that are tweeting him and coming at him sideways. He's going to be busy for the next few days because the internet isn't going to let this picture fiasco go that easily.

I hereby declare this scandal "Who Peen Dat Is-Gate"

This month has been whodikkery of epic proportions for Keyshia.  She was dragged for claiming that she is biracial (story here) and popped off on her Twitter followers that were doubting her marriage (story here). Keep your head up, Key Key! This too shall pass.

If you haven't heard, I'm giving a way a free copy of Keyshia's new CD "Woman to Woman".  Read here to learn how to enter the giveaway!

One of Keyshia's followers on Twitter by the name of RedHeadMari just so happens to look a lot like Keyshia, the same hair and everythang! Anyway, RedHeadMari says it is her in the picture.  Her ex-boyfriend leaked the shot and she was only 17 1/2 at the time that the incident took place. She even apologized to Keyshia on Twitter for the mix up:

A picture of RedHeadMari from her Twitter

So there you have it, Keyshia's name has been cleared and Twitter can finally calm the hell down!


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