Jun 13, 2019

The Real Reason Ray J Married Princess Love

Ray J has always been known as a ladies man, but he made an effort to clean up his act when he met Princess Love. Even though they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs, Ray J has flourished personally and professionally ever since Princess came into his life.

Here’s the real reason Ray J fell hard for Princess Love.

Their first meeting was a flop 

After troublesome relationships with Kim Kardashian and Teairra Mari, Ray J first came in contact with Princess Love when she was dating boxer Floyd Mayweather. Ray, who was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Teairra at the time, was also affiliated with Floyd’s TMT crew.

A mutual friend introduced them, and Princess told Yahoo Lifestyle that Ray J was looking at a magazine and didn’t even bother to look up and greet her. When they ran into each other a second time, Ray J said he immediately realized she was “The One.”

Princess felt the same way. She told Yahoo! Lifestyle that she felt so comfortable around him, and then one night, everything between them changed.

They found love on New Year's Eve

It was at a New Year’s Eve celebration that things between them went to the next level. Princess said the look in Ray J’s eyes let her know that they were no longer friends and he wanted to pursue a relationship. When Princess linked her arm through his, Ray J said he knew their relationship was going to last.

Mutual appreciation 

Before they even hit the two-year mark in their relationship, Ray J showed his love for his new girlfriend by showering her with expensive gifts. He bought her a Bentley Continental convertible and a bunch of handbags and designer shoes.

During an interview with Hot 97, Ray J called Princess the love of his life. He also admitted that he had never been that invested in a one-on-one relationship. It wasn’t difficult for him to fall in love with her. He told Ebro of Hot 97, "When I wake up, I got bacon and eggs on the table." He added, "He likes to make sure that I'm happy."

Two engagements

Ray J was so in love with Princess, he proposed to her twice. For the first proposal, he gave her a ring without properly asking for her hand in marriage. A few months later, he pulled out all the stops to do things the right way.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, during a trip to Arizona, Ray was helping Princess carry her stuff to the private jet. When she turned around, he was down on one knee and holding the biggest rock she had ever seen: an 8-carat diamond engagement ring.

She has brains & beauty 

Born to Filipino and African-American parents, Princess was raised in Oakland but later moved to Austin, Texas. After finishing high school, she graduated from both Texas Southern University and the International Academy of Design & Technology.

She always knew she wanted to make a living in the fashion industry, but she took a different route to pursue her dreams. She began modeling for urban magazines and had a brief career as a dancer in Las Vegas. After meeting Ray J, she left dancing behind and is now following his lead to become an entrepreneur by launching a makeup collection.

She's okay with an alternative lifestyle 

Ray J is well aware of her past as a dancer, and they still hit up clubs together from time to time. Princess even said during a radio interview she doesn’t mind inviting other women into their home. She simply demands that if Ray wants to hook up with someone else, she prefers that they do it together.

This may sound unconventional to most people, but at least it works for them.

She & their daughter changed everything

It’s not just Princess who has changed Ray J’s life. Their daughter Melody Norwood deserves some credit as well. The singer and businessman told Vibe the ladies in his life have taught him how important women are in society and “how much you should respect them and embrace them in a very positive way.”

What’s next? 

They now have plans to take over the world. Ray J told OK magazine in 2018 that they want to move to London in the near future. Even though their businesses are based in the States, they want to expand to the UK because of the endless opportunities that are there. He also wants his wife and daughter to have a peaceful and happy life away from Hollywood.

There’s no doubt he can afford to have houses all over the world. He cut a $31 million distribution deal with Cowboy Wholesale to expand a line of electronics gear and lifestyle products for his company, Raytroniks, according to Venture Beat.

He also has his line of Scoot-E-Bikes that many of his celebrity friends can’t stop raving about. In 2009, Scoot-E-Bikes partnered with LOOPShare for an unspecified amount of money. In 2019, the budding business mogul invested $5 million in a cannabis company that will sell marijuana joints called "Ray Jays," according to TMZ.

Ray J went from being known as Brandy’s little brother to becoming a husband, a father, and a business mogul. His growth can’t be denied, but do you think he would’ve been as successful without Princess by his side? Leave your answer down below!


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