Feb 8, 2016

Cardi B Prison Boyfriend Revealed

cardi b love & hip hop new york

Love & Hip Hop New York's Cardi B is in love with her prison bae, and we finally caught a glimpse of the man who was responsible for that tongue flick she did last episode.
Her boyfriend, Tommy, is still locked up. It's not clear whether these two really plan on tying the knot, or if it's all for the show. Cardi has been "sooo busy" she hasn't been able to see Tommy, but a mutual friend went to his visit him instead. 

cardi b love & hip hop jail boyfriend
Cardi B's boyfriend, Tommy, on the left. Photo courtesy of Cardi B's Instagram @iamcardib

One thing's clear, Tommy doesn't seem to be getting out of jail anytime soon. Cardi posted this caption alongside the jailhouse flick:

Welp...good luck with that, Cardi.


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