Jan 18, 2016

Real Housewives of Potomac: Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

real housewives of potomac

So, who watched The Real Housewives of Potomac last night? I actually liked the show. The ladies seem to (somewhat) have a little bit of money, and there's already some drama brewing. But, maybe I'm just a home snob, but I couldn't stop staring at their outdated kitchens! Tile countertops and white appliances but you're acting like you're oh so classy? Something ain't adding up, y'all!

But anyway, this show is definitely a step up from the boredom that was the DC housewives. The cast includes Gizelle Bryant, former wife of pastor Jamal Bryant (who coincidentally made a brief appearance in last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode.)

gizelle bryant real housewives of potomac

Gizelle is one of the only cast members that I like so far. She doesn't take life or herself too seriously, but what was up with her acting a donkey in Charisse's kitchen? Completely uncalled for! Speaking of Charisse...

charisse jackson jordan

I thought I was feeling Charisse Jordan at first. She has a beautiful home, a maid, a husband who has a $6.5 million contract as the head coach of Rutgers University. But beneath it all, she's one sad and pathetic lady. She kind of reminds me of RHOB Camille Grammer before she got divorced: pretentious, rude, fake, and full of herself. Charisse made one too many "ghetto" and "hood" jokes, and to me, I think she's definitely deflecting and throwing shade to cover up the fact that her marriage is in complete shambles. I'm expecting another divorce to be added to my list.

Next up, Katie Rost...

Lawd...no words to describe Katie and her boyfriend, Andrew Martin. Katie has three kids under the age of three and Andrew has proudly (and foolishly) stepped in to play daddy. Katie's already trying to lock him down with talks of marriage, but he seems uninterested. We won't even touch on the fact that word around town is Andrew allegedly plays for the other team...

robyn dixon

Robyn Dixon is another cast member that I like. Just like Gizelle, she doesn't take herself so seriously and she seems chill and relaxed. The only problem with this story line is she's still living with her ex husband, NBA player Juan Dixon. I mean, he's fine and all, but you wouldn't catch me laying up in the bed with my ex every damn night. And then delusional Robyn thinks Juan isn't dating anyone else....butttt, he was dating other people while they were married so what's stopping him now? lol.

karen huger

Listen, I don't care what kind of labels you wear or the cost of your jewelry, but I knew Mrs. Karen Huger was frontin and stuntin as soon as she stepped out the car with that Tory Burch handbag. No ma'am! You will not pretend to be the First Lady of Potomac with a $300 purse.

Then she claims her husband, Raymond Huger, is the black Bill Gates *rolls eyes*. She's also concerned that other women will try to steal him from up under her nose. I think it's safe to assume that no one's checking for Peter Thomas' grandpa. But aside from all that, Karen's trying her hardest to be the Lisa Vanderpump or Nene Leakes of the cast, but she's gonna have to battle it out with Gizelle for the top stop.

The first episode was all about getting to know the ladies, their families, and their personalities. Who's your favorite from the cast so far?


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