These Reality Stars & Their Instagram Promotions Have Gone Too Far

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One thing I hate about social media is all these damn advertisements and promotions. It seems like it's worse on Instagram because everybody seems to be trying to push some shitty product they've probably never even used. Now, I'm sure a lot of celebs do this, but I've only noticed the reality t.v. stars promoting these rip-off items like waist trainers, skinny teas (a.k.a. liquid laxative that will have your azz on the toilet for hours), and those damn teeth whiteners. Companies are probably paying them at least $500-$1,000+ for each of these promotions, so I'm not hating on them collecting coins, but when everyone is promoting the same damn product, it all comes across as fake! Let's take a look at the top offenders.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Bambi and those skinny teas from hell. Don't fall for it y'all! No amount of shitting will help you lose 20 pounds.

Oh look, there goes that teeth whitener again, but this time it's Nikki Mudarris talking about "This thing makes my teeth soooo white". But doesn't she have veneers anyway? Fail!

Now you know Porsha's big horsey teeth are fake. So how is she using a teeth whitener on fake teeth? Don't make no damn sense!

Now here Bambi's azz goes promoting some bootleg face peel smh. Does this woman ever say "no" to a gig?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Hazel-E rocked a lacefront all of last season, but now she wants us to believe her hair grows down to her booty with the help of Hairfinity pills? BYE!

Dammit, Draya. You're running a swimsuit and clothing empire, you do not need to stoop to this level!

This chick took her tea to a botanical garden for a photo shoot. Dis tew much.

Oh what a coincidence, Draya uses Hairfinity too! *rolls eyes*

Jesus, make it stop.

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