Aug 10, 2015

Basketball Wives L.A. Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

basketball wives l.a. season 4 episode 5 recap

This week's episode of Basketball Wives L.A. started off with the ladies taking a trip to Santa Barbara. Shaunie O'neal decided to sit this one out since she found out Draya Michele was bringing her friend, Angel Brinks, along. But all the other ladies come through and headed out to the beachside city for some R&R...with a side of drama. 

Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Patrice Curry, Brandi Maxwell and Mehgan James meet up for drinks before heading over to their rented house in Santa Barbara. Jackie is already getting turnt. She seriously had about 6 drinks and a glass of cognac on the side. 

basketball wives l.a. season 4 episode 5 recap

So they get to the house, and everyone picks their rooms. Mehgan gets stuck sharing a room with crazy lady, Mrs. Christie, and when Draya arrives, she and Angel will be in a room together.

Speaking of Draya, before she even makes it to the house, Jackie tells the rest of the ladies how Draya said Angel was her "real friend". Basically, Jackie was trying to start some mess and make Malaysia and Brandi feel that Draya didn't value their friendship. That Jackie is always up to some shyt!

When Draya gets there, Malaysia is in the backyard getting all the tea from Jackie. The rest of the cast clues Draya in on what's going on, and how Jackie told them what she said about her relationship with Angel. Draya decides to go outside and confront Jackie. 

The rest of the ladies are bored (and don't have a story line), so they follow Draya outside where she tries to clarify what she said about her friendship with Angel. The ladies soon realize that Jackie chopped and screwed Draya's words just to start some ish. But, it's already too late...

Jackie's words made Malaysia start thinking about her relationship with Draya. When Malaysia's brother was killed, Draya never called to check up on her. When Malaysia got divorced, Draya didn't bother to reach out. Malaysia's starting to think Draya is a bummy friend, but Draya tells her she doesn't know how to be a good friend because she's an only child.

Um, wut?!

So, because you weren't raised with siblings, you don't know how to show that you care about other people and what they're going through? B.S.!

Draya and Malaysia squash whatever beef had brewed, but inside the house, Jackie is going AWF (yes, I said AWF). Jackie is blubbering some incoherent ish to poor Mehgan who's standing there like "Jesus fix it".  

The rest of the ladies hear Jackie hollering, so they run into her room to see what the commotion's all about. I have no idea what Jackie was even mad about, this lady is straight up nuts y'all. Her behavior ain't normal at all.

The ladies decide to play a game of questions. The first question is, "Which lady will you choose to go to hell and which would you choose to go to heaven?" Almost everyone chooses for Jackie to go to hell and you can tell her blood is boiling.

And then, somebody asked Draya a question, and I'm sorry but I have no idea what the question was. Draya gave some B.S. answer that rubbed Mehgan the wrong way. So, when it was Mehgan's turn to answer a question, she brought up how everyone was questioning her relationship with Jackie.

Brandi tells Mehgan she's a liar for trying to deny Jackie's friendship when they initially met her. Mehgan gets hyped and slams a glass down on the coffee table. You could tell these bougie ladies weren't about that life, because they all sat there in shock while Mehgan stood up to get crunk in Brandi's face.

Look at Jackie in the back of the room LOL!

This is the thing about these ladies. Nobody told these miscellaneous build-a-body chicks to get up and back up Brandi. This "fight" should have been 1:1. Everybody else jumping in tainted the beef. 

Everyone runs off to their corner of the house. Mehgan's hand is cut from the glass, and she's mad because Jackie didn't back her up. Jackie tries to turn to the tables by saying her lip was busted in the fight, and she needs to know who done it and why!

Draya comes into Jackie and Mehgan's room (why? who knows). And Jackie tries to tell Draya that she is a "master manipulator". Okay, Draya is messy, no doubt. But Jackie is demented! No wonder all the ladies chose her to "go to hell". 

What did you think of this week's episode of Basketball Wives L.A. 


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