Jan 11, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Episode 10 Recap - Puerto Read-Co

real housewives of atlanta episode 10 puerto read-co

What did y'all think of The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode 10? For me personally, watching this episode just reminded me how petty and disgusting some of the cast members are. I can't fathom grown women acting like this, trying so hard to "shade" and "read" another woman, purposely trying to embarrass each other and get the last word, ugh. It's too exhausting to live a life like that. I feel bad for Nene and Phaedra in particular. They both are clearly lacking something in their lives which is why they feel the need to go out of their way to make other people feel like crap. You would think that Phaedra would have humbled herself considering all that she's gone through in the past year. But nope, she's still the same ol' miserable Phae-Phae!

Anywaytho, let's get to the recap, shall we?

The whole crew is going to Puerto Rico to see Demetria McKinney perform. Claudia Jordan wants to see what can be done about her feet prior to leaving on the trip. 

The nurse was so sweet but she had no idea what she was in store for when Claudia took off her shoes.

Claudia Jordan feet

I rebuke these damn feet! *Barf* The doctor was like, "You have corns, okay?" No, this chick got the whole corn field growing on her toes!

Claudia Jordan ugly fee

Claudia wants to be able to kick off her shoes and relax her feet in Puerto Rico and the doctor mentions that she will need to have surgery and wear a boot for a few weeks after. In the end, Claudia decides to pass on the surgery. For real though, she needs to revisit this foot consultation because there's no reason why she should be living her life in those hideous closed-toe shoes she always has on. For the sake of all things godly, Claudia PLEASE get them dogs corrected! Thank you!

Demetria McKinney Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss meets up with Demetria to talk about the fiasco that went down at the little shin-dig they had.  Kandi's friend (Goshay?) told Demetria that she was dating Roger Bobb at some point during the eight years that he was supposedly with Demetria. 

Demetria seemed completely unbothered by the whole situation and I think she handled it with class. You know Kandi was waiting for something to pop off. She is always in the mix when there's drama brewing.

Demetria tells Kandi that Roger dated the Goshay chick during one of their break-ups. Chile, whatever. Demetria is the only doo-doo bird to believe that mess. I don't know why she tries so hard to defend a man that clearly aint checking for her.

Cynthia Bailey is still trying to make the Bailey Agency happen.

Kenya Moore stops by to ask Cynthia and her team if they can find her a full-time assistant. Kenya wants someone that will know when she's hungry, when she's thirsty, when she's sleepy, when she's horny, when she's PMS'ing, and when she's dreaming of stabbing knives into Nene's back.

First Kenya was touring 2,000 square feet office spaces and now she's looking for a full-time assistant. Those Bravo TV checks must be quite hefty.

Nene and Phaedra meet up with Demetria in the studio. Surprisingly, Demetria can sang! I'm excited to see her performance in Puerto Rico.

Nene and Phaedra start asking Demetria 50-11 questions about her singing career, her age, her relationship with Roger Bobb, what size panties she wears etc.

Nene was pretty tame during the attack. It was Phaedra who was really going in on Demetria. Demetria made a comment about how she played a crackhead on a Tyler Perry show, and Phaedra asked her if she had ever done crack in real life.

Linebacker, say wut?!

Who asks a question like that to someone they don't even know? You see what I mean about Phaedra being miserable in her own life? 

It's Puerto Read-Co time and the group arrives separately. #TeamPretty a.k.a. Claudia, Cynthia and Kenya flew in together. Demetria arrived with Porsha and Kandi, and Nene and Phaedra arrived later that night.

The ladies are staying in a villa that Demetria rented. Demetria and Porsha got the best rooms so you know when that moose Nene arrived late, she was pissed that her room was so small. Seriously, if someone had paid for me to go on vacation, the last thing I would be complaining about was how big my free room was. 

Phaedra and Nene greet Demetria while she's getting her makeup done by her glam squad. Demetria introduces the ladies to her stylists and Phaedra makes a comment about the stylist getting Demetria's outfit right "this time".  Now, for you slow ones, Phaedra was implying that all the other times she had seen Demetria, her outfits were looking a mess. But this time, the stylist had put her into an outfit that was to Phaedra's liking.

Sounds like Phaedra is the one on crack to me.

It's time for dinner and this is the first time that the whole group was going to be together. There's a clear division between #TeamPretty and the rest of those miserable wenches.

As soon as they sit down, Demetria tells Phaedra that she doesn't appreciate the snide remarks she's been saying about her being on crack, about her relationship, and about her clothing choices. Phaedra snaps back and says if Demetria doesn't want people talking about her relationship, maybe she shouldn't bring it up every five minutes. True...

Demetria tells Phaedra that the only thing they have in common is the number 8. Roger Bobb has been with her for 8 years, and Apollo is being locked up for 8 years. 

Phaedras only comeback was to flash her ring and say at least she's a wife. Ummm, is this idiot still claiming her convict husband? Is that what's hot in the streets? Phaedra still thinks that being a wife is the end all, be all.  Poor little skittle-brained Phaedra.

Then all of a sudden, moose gets into it with Claudia Jordan, I was a little disappointed because Claudia allowed Nene to drag her down to her level. She made her little jabs here and there but then Nene just took it to a whole 'nother level. She made a comment about Claudia being ran through by men and something about her lady parts being demolished. 

As you all know, Nene has issues with everyone who doesn't kiss her crater butt so there's really no reason why she should be coming for Claudia like this. It looks like they continue with the shade and "reading" on the next episode when Claudia calls Porsha out for dating a married man. Scandalous!

What did you think of this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Did you enjoy all the shade and reading or do you think the ladies have gone too far?


  1. I thought this was one of the best episodes all season!

    There definitely was plenty of shade being thrown, but I live for it.
    I personally like Phaedra and I honestly don't think she was throwing any real shade in the beginning. I.e. her asking Demetria if she had ever done crack. Who really expected Demetria to answer that and say "yes" ...NOBODY! So, I don't know why she read so much into that.

    Second, kudos to Demetria for actually knowing how to sing, but honestly her being 35... who is she really singing to... She's no Beyonce or Mariah Carey, so maybe gospel is more of her lane.. No Shade of course!

    And I don't know why Demetria would even listen to Kenya about confronting Phaedra.. But then again she didn't know any better! Kenya should have been the last person Demetria listened to, Phaedra done spit and chewed Kenya up plenty of times before!!! And if she really wanted to have that talk with Phaedra it should have been an one on one not in front of the whole group Phaedra is a woman of power and would not have anybody think any less, so of course she was going to come out with the ultimate read at the table! What did you expect! for her to bow down.. NO!

    And Demetria going to come for Phaedra saying her man locked up for 8 years... At least she has the ring! Enough said! Demetria been messing with Roger Bob on and off for 8 years and still doesn't have a ring and can't get this man to come to any of her shows! So.. Please have a seat Demetria... PLEASE!

    As far as NeNe, y'all know NeNe is Queen of Shade so don't take it personal.. But shoutout to Claudia for throwing shots, she's the only one out the whole group who actually gave NeNe a run for her money!

    But all in all good episode can't wait until next week!

  2. fakedra was being her messy ass self, throwing shade and in her words everybody knows it so lets just call it like it is instead of trying to dress it up, and talkinh about demetrias choices in clothing, did any body see a big walrus caught in a fishing net? chile please. everything is not for everybody, please burn that mess, she looked horrid. did she really not look in the mirror at that mess on that big rolly polly body. nana is just ratchet, evil ugly and very petty to be so old and she will never look like team pretty envy is eating her up alive. and since she is always talking about how much money she has, pay the Detroit school rich bi!@h or shut your big veneered ugly mouth.