Diamond Strawberry is Lying About Being a Model & About Her Relationship with Cisco Rosado

Diamond Strawberry

Love & Hip Hop New York's newest cast member Diamond, daughter of Darryl Strawberry, rubs me the wrong way. Something about her just isn't adding up so I decided to do some digging to find out the true 4-1-1 on her modeling career and her relationship with her alleged boyfriend, Cisco Rosado.

To start, Diamond's Instagram page is littered with "modeling" photos like this:

Diamond Strawberry Love & Hip Hop New York

Jesus, fix it.

A simple google search shows NO results for any of Diamond's past modeling photos.  Why is VH1 making up a fake story line for this nobody? I mean, was her regular job and life not good enough for the show?

Now, back to Diamond's Instagram. There's nann picture of her alleged boyfriend Cisco.  If they dated for two years (as Diamond claims), you would think that there would be some sort of remnants of him on her Instagram page, right? And to confirm my suspicions, Cisco doesn't reference Diamond on his Instagram neither (not that that's surprising though).

To add a little more honey to the tea, Basketball Wives Miami's Jennifer Williams also dated Cisco. The two met and began a relationship back in 2013. I mentioned Jennifer's relationship with a mystery man in this old post

If Jennifer was in a relationship with Cisco back in 2013, why does Diamond keep claiming that she had been with him for two years? This would mean that the relationships were overlapping and somebody (a.k.a. Cisco) is in some deep shyt.

Aside from the Diamond, Jennifer and Cisco love triangle, Cisco also claims to have a "six month year old" (his words, not mine) baby.  Now let's see here...he's claiming Jennifer in public, smashing Diamond on the side, and impregnating random chicks at the same damn time? Messy azz community peen!

I'm still not convinced that Diamond was indeed Cisco's girlfriend though.  He's pretty much made it clear that while Diamond was in L.A., he was sharing his dack in New York.  I can't even find one picture of this "couple"together anywhere on the net, but he sure didn't have a problem flaunting Jennifer Williams all over New York.

Jennifer Williams Cisco Rosado

Jennifer Williams Cisco Rosado

Jennifer Williams Cisco Rosado

Jennifer has horrible azz taste in men I tell ya.

To round things up, this picture proves that Cisco knew Mona Scott-Young (Love & Hip Hop executive producer) as far back as 2013. Could it be possible that Mona, Cisco and Diamond concocted this fake story just to add some drama to the show?

Cisco Rosado Jennifer Williams Mona Scott Young

I tweeted Diamond to get her take on this fiasco. I predicted the following A) I'll get cursed out, B) I'll get blocked by her on Twiter or C) Both A&B

What do you think? Do you think Diamond Strawberry is a real model? Do you believe she was ever in a relationship with Cisco Rosado? Leave a comment below!

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