Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 2 Recap: Housewife Beefs & Divorce Attorneys

Y'all, please forgive me! I have been m.i.a. dealing with life and have completely slacked on updating the site.  I owe you guys an update and while I'm trying to get back on your good side, I decided to do a little update to the blog. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know if you're feeling the new format!

Anywayhoe, let's get to the show...

So last week, Apollo Nida confesses to lying on Kenya Moore for the past two years.  Kenya did NOT slob on the knob, and she did NOT meet crazy azz Apollo when he was in Los Angeles. It was all a ploy on Apollo's behalf. But, what was his reasoning for making up these lies? For real though, what did he get out of it? Did he think that other men would give him high-fives and fist bumps for bagging Kenya? If that's what this was all about then I'm not surprised by Apollo's actions at all. He's a complete simpleton and Phaedra Parks is a dumb-o for even wasting her time with him.

Kenya feels vindicated now that Apollo has apologized and he confessed to the rest of the cast members that he's a lying turd. To be honest though, I'm about done with Kenya's victim act that she loves to plays. Everything is like, "Woe is is so rough...I had a rough childhood...people are so mean to me...wah wah wah." Let that ish go, Kenya! You 'bout to be fifty years old and still acting a prepubescent teenager. Cut.It.Out.

Everyone feels bad for calling Kenya a heaux for the past two years--well, everyone but helmet head Nene Leakes. Nene is still on that high and mighty act, and I'm tired of seeing that stiff wig on my television screen every Sunday. Why must I be subjected to that mess?!

Apollo meets with a divorce lawyer to discuss his options. He claims to still live at home with Phaedra, but we all know that is a lie.  The way his chirren act when they see him, it is obvious that he isn't around them that much.  So, Apollo wants to file for divorce because if he were to wait until he goes to the slammer, Phaedra would have the upper hand in the whole situation. You know how Phae-Phae LOVES to be in control, so I'm hoping that Apollo went ahead and signed them papers before heading off to the clinker.

Now, the most awkward scene in the whole episode was when Todd Tucker's daughter Kaela moved in with him and Kandi Burruss. Poor Riley has seen so many men and step-brothers and step-sisters come and go, she ain't feeling having another body in the house to mess up the flow of things. I mean, she can hardly stand her step-daddy, but now she has to play nice with his daughter too? Hell naw.  To make matters worse, Kaela is 18 and not even enrolled in college and has no clue about what she wants to do with her life. Hmmm...could she be an opportunist like her daddy? *giggles*

This whole Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Stewart beef is so draining. I hate when things happen during the off-season and then they try to explain why they ain't fuggin with each other anymore. Now the viewers are left in the dark and trying to comprehend who said what to whom and why and how and where and blahhhhhh, I ain't got the patience today!

So apparently, Cynthia flip flopped on her opinion about the epic wig snatching that happened during last year's reunion special. Porsha saw it as Cynthia being two-faced so she threw some shade at Cynthia during an interview. Then, Cynthia retaliated and this mess has been going back and forth ever since. I'm pretty sure they're playing for the cameras because we all know Cynthia ain't got no damn story line, and nobody cares about the Rolls Royce that Porsha paid for with her cookie, so these two have to create some drama to make themselves look interesting. Too bad it is failing...they completely bore me.

What did you think of this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Also, don't forget to let me know what you think of the new format!

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