Aug 18, 2014

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Season Finale Episode Recap

Is it just me or is this series getting progressively worse and worse? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta went from being my favorite hood novella into an overly-scripted snooze fest. I think Mona Scott-Young needs to throw in the towel on this show. Its had its run and now it's over, cue the violins, pour out a little cognac, release some balloons into the sky, it's a damn wrap. You know they will squeeze out another season (or two or three) because all the Z-listers on this tragedy need them VH1 checks.

Anywaytho, Mama Dee's song "I Deserve" lmao. I almost spit out my juice when she started singing and when that auto tune kicked in chileeee. A hot azz Georgia mess I tell ya! Then top that off with Nikko's "Shower Rod" song oh lordt. I admit, I was feeling the beat but why did he have to do Mimi Faust like that? Not only did he plot to get her to film with him on camera, but then he's gonna sing a song about it too? Is this mf'er recording the soundtrack to the porno or something? Smh. You can tell he's a user and abuser. I hope Mimi's really done with him for good.

Mimi loves showing off them new tittays, huh?

The Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez situation is just a merry-go-round of abuse, drugs, and horrible acting. Aren't y'all tired of seeing them "break up" and make up, and break up again, and "get married" and blah blah blah. It's all just so exhausting and it's not even entertaining anymore. Stevie J is aging more and more each season. Did anyone else see them wrinkles on his forehead? Looking like a cracked out Nikko (you know if I'm comparing him to the already crack-like Nikko then Stevie must really be looking like shyt now).

If this fool Benzino really wifes up this Althea broad then he deserves to be dragged by the inch of neck that he has left. Something about Althea just screams THIRST. Someone pass this chick some Dasani because she is parched! I'm not even concerned about Althea smashing Stevie J in the past because Stevie has smashed everybody. But the fact that her thot azz mother has been married five damn times should tell Benzino something. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. 

Karlie Redd is still trying to make her career happen, God bless her lil' heart. You know those artist that can semi-sing but they just don't have that "it factor" (like Teyana Taylor, Adrienne Bailon etc.) well, Karlie fits right in with those people. She's forgettable but she adds messiness to the show so she gets a pass.

Waka Flocka is working with 10,000 sperm instead of 20 million smh. You see what smoking weed and getting shot will do to you? Tammy might want to rethink having a child with his stank looking azz anyway because word on the streets is that Waka is still dipping his peen into other pun-pun. Messy, messy. 

At the end of the finale, Stevie J. wiped away Mimi's tears, apologized for being an azz, and told her that from now on, it was going to be him, her and their daughter *rolls eyes*. I'm not even sure what the point of that scene was and if they try to convince us that Mimi and Stevie are getting back together, I swear I will punt my computer out the window.

What did you think of the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?


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