Jul 8, 2014

Apollo Nida Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison - Phaedra Is Nowhere to be Found

Don't drop the soap, bruh!

A judge has sentenced Real Housewives of Atlanta's Apollo Nida to 8 years in prison for mail fraud, wire fraud, and host of other ignorant shyt like stealing people's identities and cashing their checks.  Apollo pleaded guilty to all charges (and most likely snitched on his partners in crime) and got off easy by only being sentenced to 8 years instead of initial reports of him looking at going to the big house for 30 years.

Surprisingly (or not), donkey booty Phaedra Parks was not at the court house during sentencing. Wow, way to stand by your man Phae-Phae! 

I feel sorry for Ayden and Mr. President. No child should have to visit their father behind a jail cell. And something tells me that cocky Apollo has not learned his lesson. He's now a two time felon and nothing is stopping him from continuously breaking the law. He commits white collar crimes, gets slapped on the wrist, and then is released back into the world just to fxck shyt up again. Do better, Apollo! You have children and a wife to live and provide for! Stop being so damn selfish and idiotic! Ugh! *as I throw my wine glass across the room*

What do you think of Apollo getting sentenced to 8 years in prison? Does he deserve to do the time?


  1. You know what---it's really sad that he hadn't learned his lesson from the first time he had to do a bit (jail time). Why he would be foolish and pull this scheming stunt and he HAD a job on TELEVISION earning a STEADY INCOME, I just don't understand! If any one of us had the opportunity he was awarded believe me we would not have f'd it up! SMH. Maybe he'll learn THIS time.

    And NO, don't be mad at Phaedra for not showing up for his sentencing. He made his own bed, now he must lie in it. Why drag his family down this long a$$ dark road with him. I'd of done the same thing if I were Phaedra---kept my black a$$ at home with my boys and focused on raising them ALONE for the next 8 years! Don't nobody feel sorry for Appolo! He's the one that ought to feel ashamed of HIMSELF putting his family on coals like this, embarrassing them with this stupid a$$ shyt that could have been avoided if his black a$$ wasn't trying to be GREEDY!!! Chile please!!!