Jun 8, 2014

Kandi's Wedding Episode Recap: Mama Joyce Acts a Donkey Fool

Ok, I admit. I glazed over during last week's episode of Kandi's Wedding so I wasn't able to provide a recap. But this week's episode really tickled my fancy. Mama Joyce really showed her azz didn't she? My gawsh, this woman has no damn shame!

What really ticked me off was Mama Joyce's claim that Todd was raised by a prostitute and a pimp smh. Really, lady? You were really gonna try to play Todd like that? When Kandi asked Mama Joyce where she got her information from, she said she got it from some people in the streets of New York *rolls eyes*

Mama Joyce knows damn well she created that information in that effed up head of hers. And to make matters worse, Todd's father passed away when he was only three years old so how did his dad have enough time to put him up on game? C'mon son! This ish don't make no sense I'm telling ya!

Mama Joyce needs to slap herself for causing so much unnecessary drama during what was supposed to be the happiest time in her daughter's life. She couldn't even keep her trap shut for four weeks just so Kandi could enjoy her moment in piece.Ol' selfish heffa.

What do you think of Mama Joyce's antics during tonight's episode?


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