Mar 16, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Mexico Mayhem Continues

Sooo, I'm guessing Phaedra Parks doesn't realize that Apollo Nida is going to do whatever he wants to do, huh? She was trying so hard to protect him from Kenya Moore's inflatable booty but the truth is, if Apollo really wanted to stay away from Kenya, he wouldn't need his wife's help in doing so.

The problem with Apollo is this: he thinks he's above the law (no pun). He truly thinks he can do whatever he wants, have whoever he wants, act however he wants, and the world will have to deal. Those type of people cannot be trusted because they are capable of anything! Phaedra knows her marriage is a farce and no matter which way you slice it, this marriage was NOT built to last.

Rumors have been circulating that Phaedra and Apollo separated after news of his federal indictment dropped but I think their relationship was fake from the jump. Phaedra couldn't stomach the fact that she was going to be an unwed mother and Apollo was looking for a come up.  Like come on, if a man has zero chemistry with his own damn wife then what does that tell you? And how awkward were his scene's with Kenya? From him staring at her booty to them talking about how they could have smashed if they would have smashed if they wanted to smash etc. Kenya and Apollo have the most intense sexual chemistry it's crazy and uncomfortable at the same damn time.

Phaedra weeps!

What did you think about this week's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?


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