Jan 5, 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Is Chuck The Big Homie or The Big Liar?

Lawd Hammercy, I damn near punted my flat screen off my balcony after listening to this bytch of a man go off on a rant about how he was just the "Big Homie" to Phaedra Parks and Kandie Burruss. What this simpleton microscopic peen of a man doesn't realize is that he only made himself look like shyt during his entire PMS rant. 

Phaedra and Nene Leakes agreed to go make an appearance at the Athens Boys and Girls Club with Mynique's husband, ex-NFL player Chuck Smith. Phaedra, Nene, and Chuck all grew up in Athens, Georgia so they had a lot to talk and reminisce about. Everything was all gravy until Chuck called Phaedra out and asked her why she told his wife that they were boyfriend and girlfriend back in the day. Phaedra kept it cool and told Chuck that she told Mynique that they dated back in the day and that was it. This is when Chuck started feeling himself and proceeded to go IN on Phae-Phae.

He starts going on and on about how he was getting it in with Kandi and Phaedra at the same time and about six other girls too.  He claims he never had a girlfriend and all of the girls were just a "part of the team". What team would that be, Chuck? The team of women that were clearly led on into thinking that they were someone of importance in your life? But you were more concerned with getting your little peepee wet so you fed them all lies to make them all think that they were your girl? Smh.

Mynique is a damn fool to be co-signing for this douche. She better take a long hard look at how he's treating other women because one day, she just might be on the receiving end of Chuck's adult temper tantrum.

What did you think about Chuck disrespecting Phaedra and Kandi? Do you think he needs his azz beat?


  1. I agree with you. He seemed so phony and it was obvious that he was just trying to cover his ass so that when his wife saw the episode she would say.....yeah, see, ya'll meant nothing to my husband! Yeah...right! He looked like a fool and was so disrespectful and he didn't even have to go that far! Just from that episode, I don't like him and the way NeNe was looking at him, I think Greg's gonna get an ear full about his "friend"!