Jan 25, 2014

UPDATE: Apollo Nida Arrested for Bank Fraud & Identity Theft

*Disclaimer* Mugshot is from Apollo's 2003 arrest

Oh.my.word! Once a crook always a crook?

Apollo Nida, the husband to Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks, has surrendered to U.S. Marshalls on allegations of bank fraud and identity theft according to People Magazine.  He has posted a $25,000 bond and is awaiting a February trail.  Apollo allegedly created fake companies in order to gain access to databases full of people's personal information. Somebody tell me this, how are you gonna be a star on a reality show (a.k.a. consistent checks are coming to him), a father of two adorable boys, with a wife who is a friggin lawyer, and you still manage to get involved in some fukkery like this. Does this donkey have sunflower seeds for brain cells?
He opened fake bank accounts in those names, and then got a hold of U.S. Treasury checks and retirement checks of those people whose identities he had stolen. He enlisted the help of a lady named Gayle St. Julien to be his "right hand b*tch" (her words, not mine). The checks were deposited by Gayle into the fake bank accounts and Gayle got a little bit of change for her hard work but the majority of the money went to Apollo. Gayle has since snitched on her ex-partner in crime and there are taped phone conversations between the twosome where Apollo discussed the crimes.

I don't know how much money he stole or how many people were effected by his greedy money hungry paws but you know Apollo is going to pay for this (IF he actually committed these crimes). This ain't his first rodeo. This man spent five years in the pen for auto title fraud and if his azz is still on probation then you know he's about to do some hard time again. With the Feds having a 90%-98% conviction rate depending on the crime, it looks like Apollo will be cellmates with Joe Giudice in the near future.

Phaedra is probably somewhere concocting some lie to tell the masses. You know she's allergic to telling the damn truth! But I'm gonna sit back and watch this story unfold because you know it's about to get juicy! 

UPDATE: According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Apollo is facing 10 years for embezzlement, 30 years for bank fraud, 2 years for aggravated identity theft. Damn, homie.  Shyt just got real as fawk!

What do you think about Apollo being charged with bank fraud?


  1. I can't wait for the drama!! Crazy azzzz!!!

  2. DAYUM, he's going back to prison, Phaedra needs to go ahead and get a divorce from this looser.