Nov 7, 2013

Porsha Stewart: Typical Bird-Brained Gold Digging Failure Says Kordell is Gay

Man this heaux pissed me off this week!

Just like everyone and their mama, I watched the season premier of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and cringed every time Porsha Stewart opened her mouth to talk about her divorce. Those fake tears, the stories about how she tried so hard to be a good wife, her mom's beauty supply store lacefront wig. Ugh. I wanted to punt my t.v. out the window.

The one thing that erked me (is "erked" even a word???) to no end was when Porsha insinuated that her ex-husband Kordell Stewart was a homosexual. Wayamin' so you laid up with the man for two years and defended his sexuality to anyone who would talk bad about him but NOW that he don't want your azz you want to claim that he's gay?
Everybody knows that Kordell is a booty bandit, I even wrote about it last year (read here).  Porsha knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she said "I do" but living in a big house, spending endless amounts of money, and going shopping all day with her girls were her priorities. She knew that Kordell was using her as his beard so that the gay rumors would go away but still, Porsha didn't give two shyts.  She saw them dollar signs and practically begged Kordell to marry her. Smh big ol' dummy. I have no sympathy for Porsha. She, her mama, and her ugly sister can keep those crocodile tears.

After seeing his ex-wife call him out on national t.v., Kordell sat down with the Ryan Cameron Morning Show in Atlanta and denied the gay allegations. "No! I promise you on my life and everything that I'm a part of including my son, and on my father who's no longer here, that that has never happened, nor will anything ever come up, EVER, come up with no dude...People can say what they want to say."

Well damn, Kordell. You gotta promise on your whole life and your little son's life and your dead pop's life too? My gawd, this guy must be straight *sarcasm*

 What do you think about Porsha questioning her ex-husband Kordell's sexuality?


  1. I caught that too. Porsha got beat at her own game!