Jul 22, 2013

Joe Gorga is a Punk with Spray Paint Hair

This episode continues with the Gorgas, Giudices and Wakiles (plus Rosie) at the retreat to try to mend their broken relationships. Joe Gorga calls his sister Teresa Giudice "scum" and she runs out of the building to tell her husband Juicy Joe what happened and that she wants to leave the retreat right away. Well, not so fast Queen Tre. You know you can't tell Juicy anything about someone disrespecting you without him getting pissed off. And before you know it, Juicy is running back into the building and demands that Joey apologize to his sister. What happens next is hilarious but frustrating at the same damn time.

Joey the midget runs up to get done up and it was the funniest shyt I have seen in a long time. All Juicy asked him to do was apologize for calling Teresa scum and next thing you know, this midget is on the ground getting repeatedly clocked by Juicy. Rich, Kathy and Melissa are all trying to get Juicy off of Joey but Juicy has the strength of ten Italian men and he's not about to let Joey get away with being disrespectful!

In one last ditch effort to save his life, Joey starts biting Juicy's balls and his wife digs her nails into Juicy's face. Finally, the fight is broken up and the two men are separated. Juicy is pissed that Joey had to resort to the biting of his sack but what's even more upsetting is that Joey's spray paint hair is smeared on everyone's face and clothing. Wtf??! Spray on hair, Joey? I didn't even know they still made that crap! Teresa needs to hook her brother up with one of her lace fronts.

Instantly, the Gorgas and Wakiles point their fingers at Teresa. It's Teresa's fault because she should not have told her husband that Joey called her scum. Huhsaywhat?! These people are delusional! It's okay for Melissa to go run and tell her punk of a husband all the things that Teresa said about her but Tre is not able to do the same? Everything is an effed up double standard with these people.

Thankfully, the editing seemed to favor Teresa this time around. Melissa looked like the vindictive and manipulative sister-in-law that she truly is. She did not want her husband to make up with Teresa because she has never wanted Teresa to be in their lives. It's really sad at this point and Joey is too dumb to figure out what's really going on.

The Everyone vs. Teresa crusade continues but I have a feeling that the tide is going to slowly shift on the Gorga. What you spray on your hair must soon rub off and in due time, the pathetic Gorgas will be exposed!

What did you think of this week's episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?


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