Jun 30, 2013

Kim Zocliak - Pregnant & Smoking...Again

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you. This trash receptacle is really puffing on a cigarette while being four months pregnant!

Ex-Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak is expecting her third child with husband Kroy Biermann and paparazzi caught her sucking on a cig just like how she used to suck on Big Papa's -, never mind. Moving on...

This pathetic sack of flesh needs to be slapped with a trash bag full of boiling hot nicotine. The fact that she would smoke while knowing she is pregnant just disgusts me to no end. I guess this heffa doesn't care about her baby's life being in danger. Smh, some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce and this old bologna smelling looking heaux is one of them. Kroy deserves to be clowned in the locker room for marrying this woman.

What do you think about Kim getting her smoke on while being pregnant?

Source: TMZ


  1. That is so wrong! Poor defenseless baby is smoking through his uncaring so called Mother! She should be punished for this so the baby doesn't have to suffer....I say make her suffer and the law should order to quit! Lock her up!