Jan 18, 2013

Shawty Lo Wants Y'all to Stop Messing Up His Money & Put His Reality Show Back on the Air!

After news broke that Oxygen Media was cancelling Carlos "Shawty Lo" Walker's one-hour t.v. special entitled, "All My Babies' Mamas", Shawty Lo is speaking out about the backlash that the show has received.

Shawty spoke with an Atlanta radio station and explained how he understands why everyone was concerned that the show was portraying an irresponsible lifestyle, but he really thinks we should give the program a chance so he can cash his reality t.v. check and go on about his business!

The show was set to feature Shawty's 10 babies' mamas and 11 children. But if you thought the program was going to be full of drama, you were wrong! "The show wasn't about, we finna be fightin'. My show is about no negative; it's a positive. But if (viewers) wanna see the show, sign a petition." Shawty said.

That's right people, the petition that originally aided in the show being cancelled has now been replaced by a petition that urges Oxygen Media to put the show back on the air! With a measly 1,000 signatures, it looks like the petition creator has a long way to go. 

Although I think this show is a pile of hot stemming maggot-infested trash, whether it airs or not really doesn't bother me. We get subjected to 37 episodes of Evelyn Lozada throwing wine glasses at broads but we can't let Shawty Lo and his chirren get some shine on a one hour episode? 

What do you think about Shawty Lo wanting his show to get put back on the air?

Photo Source: MTV


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