Jan 20, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Recap: Does Your Booty Look Like a Stallion or a Donkey?

Cynthia Bailey is a guest judge at the Bronner Brothers hair show in Atlanta and her friends Derek J, Ms. Lawrence and Kenya Moore come out to show some support (when did Kenya and Cynthia become friends? I must have missed that episode.) Cynthia spills the beans to everyone about Kenya's new Stallion Booty workout video which is clearly a rip off of Phaedra Park's Donkey Booty exercise. Everyone starts commenting on how they would rather have a stallion booty than a donkey booty. Me personally, I'll stick with my human booty. I prefer not to look like a wild animal.

Nene Leakes is back in Atlanta with her ex-husband/fiance Greg and her granddaughter Bri'Asia. Greg is putting together a cradle for the baby and he is intimidated by all of the parts that it takes to put the contraption together. It's so cute seeing Nene and Greg together again.

Kandi Burruss stops by Derek J's salon to get her tracks flat ironed and Derek tells Kandi about Kenya's "Stallion Booty" workout dvd. Kandi's wide mouth stretches and gets twisted all up into that ugly face she makes (you know the face!) and she immediately calls up Phaedra to snitch on Kenya. While on the phone, Phaedra goes "ham-burger" and calls Kenya a "heifer" and mentions something about her fake booty. Kandi says she is going to question Kenya about her intentions. Why is Kandi making this her problem? I swear, she stays in the middle of some b.s.

At the Bailey Agency, Cynthia is selling dreams and casting children for a runway show. Did anyone else see T.I. and Tiny's odd looking boys in line to walk the runway? Phaedra and Apollo Nida show up with baby Aiden and they are trying to get him to walk the runway too. That little boys is so shy and co-dependent, he just hates to be so far away from his parents. I think it's safe to say he bombed his audition. Porsha Stewart shows up in some yeast infection inducing jeans and she brings up Kenya's stallion booty video. Phaedra says she thought that she and Kenya were friends but now she is not sure. She also thinks that Kenya was drunk in Anguilla or she has a chemical imbalance. Umm...what does that have to do with Kenya stealing her video idea and when did Phaedra become a doctor?

Kandi and Kenya meet up and of course Kandi brings up the stallion booty video. Kenya says she was in pre-production for the "Donkey Booty" video for four weeks until the deal with Phaedra fell through. Ummm...didn't Kenya tell Phaedra that she had been working on the project for six weeks? So was it four weeks or six weeks? I am thoroughly confused. Anywaytho, Kandi says "I really don't like to get in the middle of y'all's stuff". You love being in the middle Kandi, stop lying!

Phaedra and Apollo meet with a producer and a director to talk about their exercise video. They ask her where the "donkey booty" idea came from and she tells them how her booty fell to the gutter after she gave birth. After training with Apollo, she got her butt to sit up exactly where she wants it to be. The producer asks to see some of the workout moves and Apollo gets up to demonstrate and whew chile...he kinda fine *Kenya voice*.

In the end, Phaedra and Apollo walk out of the meeting knowing that the producers are excited about the project.

Porsha and Phaedra meet up and Porsha is talking about her fertility issues. Phaedra then pipes in on the troubles she had when she was trying to be a career woman while being eleven months pregnant. Porsha thinks her pregnancy will be easier than Phaedra's because she doesn't have to work and she can just sit at home all day *rolls eyes*. Porsha then brings up her only story line: Kenya and her thirstiness. Looks like Porsha is happy to have someone else on the "I hate Kenya" train. Porsha goes in on Kenya's contacts and Phaedra calls Kenya "the devil's little sister". Wow, how old are these women again?

Cynthia is at the runway show and Porsha shows up to support her. Phaedra and Apollo also show up and what do you know, Aiden actually got casted for the show? Wtf? Aiden is NOT a star and he sucks on the runway! Oh lawd, T.I.'s crazy looking kid is in the runway show too? Smh. Do better, Cynthia. The show starts and all the kids are sashaying their way down the catwalk and then Aiden comes out...sitting on top of Apollo's shoulders lmao. This ol' bootleg runway show, I can't take it! What was the point of Aiden being in the show if he's too shy to walk by himself? His spot could have been given to another more deserving kid. The show ends and everyone is huddled in a circle when Kenya brings up the "Donkey Booty" issues she was having with Phaedra. Phaedra walks in mid-conversation and the Kenya vs. Phaedra showdown commences! Kenya says since her deal with Phaedra fell apart, the distribution company still wanted to move forward with her and thus, this is why she is working on her stallion booty video. Phaedra and Kenya go back and forth on which animal is better, a stallion or a donkey and I found myself banging my head against the wall.  Apollo walks up to defend his wife and he calls Kenya a "biter and a copy cat". Dang, when did Apollo grow some balls? Kenya doesn't care because she is going to copy cat her way to the bank. She twirls her way out of the conversation and leaves Phaedra and Apollo there looking dumb (as usual!)

What do you think about Kenya stealing Phaedra's booty workout idea?


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