Jan 15, 2013

Melissa Gorga Doesn't Workout But She's Filming A Fitness DVD

This is what happens when you lie, and you don't remember your lies, then you try to fix your lies, then you stick your foot in your mouth, then you just keep lying so that you can make a buck!

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Melissa Gorga has always claimed that she never works out, simply because she does not have the time to do so. Running after her three adorable kids and making sure Tarzan is fed and free of poison was her only source of fitness. Well now, Melissa is changing her story so she can cash in on the fitness industry. I guess her autotune singing career is stuck somewhere in a Jersey toilet? 

Don't get me wrong, Melissa has a nice body especially after popping out three mini Gorgas but I would much rather see a fitness DVD from her sister-in-law Queen Teresa Giudice of Paterson. After having her fourth daughter, Teresa sat up at the reunion show and told Andy Cohen that she never worked out but clearly, she lied (what else is new?) because Tre actually works out hard for her body! When Melissa joined the cast, she probably thought it would be cute to pull the "I never work out either" card (because you know she is obsessed with Tre and everything Tre does) so when she announced her new workout DVD on Twitter, her followers and I were clearly confused:

Read more to see the lies tweets:

Wait, what? Am I drunk or does Melissa's answer make absolutely no sense?

So Melissa doesn't really workout much, but she does workout but only three times a week and that's the point, get it?! Would you buy a workout DVD from someone who lies about working out? That's like getting weight loss advice from Lauren Manzo after she got the lap band surgery. It just makes absolutely no sense!

What do you think of Melissa and Joe Gorga's workout DVD? Will you be purchasing the product?


  1. This is a mess and I'm dying at those tweets.

    1. She don't even know what the bell she's talking about!

  2. I prefer Teresa's body type to Melissas.

  3. I think she is a super hot mess. Teresa is doing a workout video to coincide with her cookbook release and Melissa is trying to beat her to the punch..