Jan 9, 2013

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Welcome back to another season of Love & Hip Hop New York! Season three premiered with a grip of new cast members and storylines. The show kicked off with Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden meeting up at a restaurant to talk about possibly being friends. Joe was pretty much begging Tahiry for her friendship but she doesn't trust him. Joe has a tendency to put people on blast and post ALL of his business online and ain't nobody got time for that! Joe says he is dealing with some issues and it would be great for Tahiry to be his confidante but the funny thing is, Joe has a girlfriend at home who is probably more than willing to listen to him complain all day. Joe then goes in on Tahiry and pretty much calls her selfish and self-centered and that's when Tahiry got her Teresa Giudice on by shaking the table and storming out of the restaurant. Joe just sat there with his mouth open like a little boy. 

He knew what he was saying would get a rise out of Tahiry. He is just so desperate from any kind of attention from her whether it be negative or positive. How pathetic.

Erica Mena is doing a photo shoot for Maxim but she rather be doing backshots on the cover of King Magazine. Her manager (and boyfriend) Rich Dollaz is trying to get her into more mainstream magazines so she can further her career. Erica agrees that Rich knows best and she's going to allow him to take the driver seat with her career. What does this chick do again? She can't sing and she looks like a golf club with two basketballs bolted on her chest.

Yandy Smith is partying at her baby shower and sweating out her perm. Things are going great with her and her baby daddy Mendeecees Harris until she asks him how they plan on taking all of their baby shower gifts home. Mendeecees answers with, "Your fava" Yandy's like, "HUH?" lol. Again, Mendeecees tells her, "Your fava can help you". Oh Yandy, you have picked a winner! Instead of going home with his girlfriend to help her take home the gifts for THEIR baby, Mendeecees wants to go to an all-white party with his homeboys. Even though Yandy doesn't want him to go, he takes off with his friend anyway and leaves his very pregnant girlfriend to fend for herself. 

Olivia meets with her manager Rich Dollaz to make sure that his new relationship with Erica isn't going to cause problems with her own career. Rich tells Olivia that his budding romance with Erica is not what it seems and that he "loves b*tches" Um, okay. Moving right along...

Tahiry isn't answering Joe's phone calls so he decides to pop up at her job at a restaurant (I refuse to believe that she's bussing tables for a living). Tahiry is attempting to block Joe from her life but she can't because she still cares about him. Joe still cares about Tahiry also and he says that out of all his girlfriends, she is the only one he would have married. Uh oh, I wonder if his new chick Kayla Garcia knows about this? Joe invites Tahiry to his 27th birthday party. Wait a minute, did I hear that correctly?

The last time Joe saw twenty-seven was 5 years ago (see his Wikipedia here) why is VH1 making this boy lie like that on national television? Do they think that the viewers can't relate to a 32-year-old man who acts like he still wets the bed? Welp, so much for "reality" t.v., right?

Yandy is mad about Mandeecees leaving the baby showering early to go party with his friends. Mandeecees is upset at Yandy for locking him out of the house when he doesn't come home on time. This relationship sounds like it was built to last! Mandeecees also thinks that they do not have enough room in their apartment and they need to look for a bigger place that is in both of their names (since their current apartment is in Yandy's name only). Yup, moving to a new home and having a baby together will surely solve all of your relationship issues *sarcasm*

Raqi Thunder, Joe's BFFmeets with Tahiry at a restaurant and they talk about their failed friendship. Tahiry believes that Raqi got freaky with Joe and even if they did, who really cares at this point? These birds start chirping and Tahiry gets up and storms out of the restaurant. 

Olivia meets with Erica and Rich to hear, from Erica's mouth, what her relationship is with Rich. Erica tells Olivia that she and Rich are "rockin" um, come again? Is that bird talk for in a relationship, or friends with benefits? Erica then shows off her "R" music note tattooed on her hand so I'll assume they're in a relationship and Rich is oblivious to it all. Olivia tells Erica she doesn't want their relationship to get in the way of her music (but is anybody even checking for Olivia's music like that?)s. Rich is sitting there and getting aggravated because they are talking about him like he's not even there. Erica tells Rich their relationship is still "early" and she can walk away at any time, so he tells her to walk...and she does! 

Joe's 27th 32nd birthday party is here and instead of enjoying the pool with the rest of his guest, he decides to play a game of "Truth or Truth" with Raqi, Tahiry and Tahiry's friend Winter. Tahiry starts questioning Joe about his relationship with Raqi and she wants to know if they were ever "rockin" in the past. Joe says "no of course not". Then it's Tahiry's turn for her question and Raqi requests that Tahiry tells "no lies" and that's when Tahiry throws her glass of water at Raqi and all hayle breaks loose. Raqi is livid and I would be too! Throwing water is sooo 2011. Joe let's Tahiry stay to enjoy the rest of the party but he asks Raqi to leave. Wow, so much for Joe being her "bff".

So far, this season is getting off to a slow start. This beef is not entertaining and none of the characters are really likeable in my opinion.

What did you think of the season premier of Love & Hip Hop New York?


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