Dec 16, 2012

Keyshia Cole Gets Her Husband's Name Tattooed on Her

A few weeks after Keyshia Cole's husband, Daniel "Booby" Gibson, declared his love by getting Keyshia's face tattooed on his hand (read more here), Keyshia has returned the favor by getting Daniel's name inked on her arm.

Keyshia's left arm was already covered with a picture of a rose and her initials K.C., she ratchetfied the already tacky tattoo by adding Daniel's name above the flower and the letter "G" for Gibson surrounded by two hearts.  And just because she loves her husband so much, she also got his name placed on her ring finger (because wearing a wedding band is not enough to prove that you are actually married).

I guess if this marriage doesn't last, she can always add a "Jr." next to the name Daniel and tell everyone she got the tattoo for her son, Daniel Jr. Well, at least that's what I would do if I were her!

What do you think about Keyshia's new tattoo? Would you ever get your mate's name tattooed on your body?


  1. Already have my husband name it's perfectly fine if ur in love..i thin