Dec 12, 2012

Gloria Govan Talks About Her Wedding to NBA Player Matt Barnes

After years of breaking up, making up, Gloria Govan popping out babies, and Matt Barnes getting arrested for domestic violence, the Basketball Wives L.A. star and her baby daddy finally tied the knot in September 2012 (read more here).  Gloria sat down with S2S Magazine to talk about her quickie Las Vegas wedding and how it all went down!

Gloria confirms that the wedding wasn't planned and it was a spur of the moment event. "We went to Vegas for my sister's birthday. And actually that's when it happened-it was very unplanned, very random, and it was cool." she says.  The couple barely had enough time to call up family members to witness their nuptials so a lot of people missed out and were unable to view the ceremony at the Little White Wedding Chapel.

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Gloria's wedding attire consisted of jeans and a tank top and she doesn't regret not having the big wedding with the huge white dress in front of hundreds of guests. "It was perfect. It fit our relationship and the way we've done things perfectly." 

I'm actually happy for these two.  They have a beautiful little family and I hope they can make things work this time around. Congrats to the Barnes'!


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