Nov 20, 2012

Real Housewives Miami - Romain Sees the Light and Breaks Up with Crazy Joanna Krupa

Photo Courtesy of Joanna's Twitter

Real Housewives of Miami's resident crazy cookadoodle Joanna Krupa is back on the market after her engagement to Miami night club owner, Romain Zago, has finally ended.  Romain is a saint for putting up with this woman and her daily tears and alcoholic outburst!

After a five and a half year engagement, Joanna and Romain are throwing in the towel on their relationship.  This seasons of the Real Housewives of Miami shows the couple going through relationship issues on every single episode and it doesn't help that Joanna caught Romain emailing some other chick and planning a vacation with her.  And on top of all that, rumors were swirling that Romain was making out with some other chick in his nightclub.  You could tell his ass was cheating when Joanna confronted him.  Romain's face was like:

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Joanna tells InTouch magazine that the relationship ended because they got in a huge fight (anyone else surprised by this?) and Joanna felt that something was holding Romain back from committing to her 100%.  Hmm...let's see, the fact that the woman is absolutely insane might be a huge reason! Romain, on the other hand, blames the breakup on Joanna's busy schedule since she is always traveling around the world for work.

Welp, no matter what the reason for this train wreck finally coming to an end, it looks like Bravo Tv has successfully aided in the termination of another relationship (read my full list of Real Housewives who have gotten divorced here).

What do you think about Joanna and Romain pulling the plug on their relationship?


  1. Very interesting. I enjoy reading your blog. However, you are bias when it comes to Teresa Giudice. She is the mean girl!

    1. You are right. I use this site to give my personal opinion on the shows. I am a huge Teresa fan but during last season's reunion, I called her out on all of her lies too. She's my fav but that doesn't make her completely exempt from my wrath! Lol. Glad you enjoy my blog, thanks for reading :-)

  2. Did they get back together recently? I saw a video of them working out together on tmz. Jo is a psycho self centered

    1. Yup, they got back together! I didn't bother writing an update because I figured they would probably break up again soon anyway! lol.