Nov 28, 2012

Real Housewives ATL - Kim Zolciak Owes Her Wedding Planner Big Bucks *UPDATE!*

Photo of Kim and Her Daughter Brielle Courtesy of Kim's Twitter

This damn monkey with a wig stays in some mess! Why do companies keep offering their services to this shady bird? They should know by now that Kim doesn't care if you're her best friend (Kandi) or her parents, she will burn you in the blink of an eye.

If you watched Kim Zolciak's snore fest "Tardy for the Wedding" series on Bravo TV, you might remember her wedding planner, Colin Cowie.  According to Radar Online, Kim owes Colin $200,000 for the planning of her November 11th, 2011 nuptials to Atlanta Falcons' Kroy Biermann.  On top of that, Colin contracted a valet parking company for Kim's wedding and Kim also owes that company an additional $2,550.  The wedding happened over a year ago so why haven't these companies taken her to court to get their money? 

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When Colin's company was contacted, they refused to make a statement regarding Kim stiffing them on the past due bill.  No comment = the story must be at least partially true!

Kim, of course, has taken to her Twitter to reply to the allegations:

Uh huh, we don't believe you Kim. You need more people.

Colin Cowie confirmed via Twitter that the Notorious W.I.G. does owe his company money! Apparently, Kim owes them only $20,000 and Colin has asked her to call him to discuss payment. Oh weeeee....

What do you think about Kim owing everyone Colin and the valet company money?


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