Nov 2, 2012

Basketball Wives L.A. - Gloria Knows She's Fired from the Show

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes with Friends. Picture Courtesy of Gloria's Twitter.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that the Basketball Wives L.A. series was in the process of firing Gloria "Eternal Groupie" Govan, Laura "Forever a Fiancee" Govan, Brooke "Side Ponytail For Why?" Bailey and Malaysia "Library Voice" Pargo because the birds were refusing to share their real lives with the cameras.  The cast has been pretty quiet since the news broke and Gloria has finally shared her thoughts with TMZ.

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Gloria told the news source that she has a feeling she will be getting fired from the show since she eloped without informing the producers and Matt refuses to be on camera period. Gloria says she thinks that the producers will be handing her a pink slip after they film the reunion because they want to make sure she actually shows up for filming.  Gloria is still deciding on whether or not she will even show up for the reunion taping. Ummm yeah, and this is why you're getting fired honey boo boo!  Kick rocks, heaux!

VH1 has finally responded to the firing rumors by saying that no casting decisions have been made...yet.   I guess we will have to sit around and wait to see how this one unfolds!


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