Nov 13, 2012

Basketball Wives - Episode 9 Recap: Roller Skates and Jackie Drama...Again

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I could barely focus on this week's episode of Basketball Wives L.A. I swear this show just gets more and more dry as the days go by. I can't wait for next season when Brooke Bailey, Malaysia Pargo, and Laura and Gloria Govan are sent packing (read story here) and they bring in some new ladies!

Anywaydoe, this week's episode included a lot of riff raff but the one thing that stood out to me was the conversation that Laura had with Jackie Christie's daughter, Chani.  If you thought that Jackie was semi-sane prior to watching this episode, I am sure you had a change of heart after hearing her daughter speak.  Chani talks about how Jackie would favor her over her older sister Ta'kari while they were growing up. Jackie would make comments about Ta'kari's darker skin, and she would order Ta'kari to run on a treadmill to lose weight when she was only 12 years old.  To make matters worse, Jackie never included Ta'kari in family photos because she was darker and chubbier than everyone else.

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This Jackie Christie lady is sad and pathetic.  For a mother to reject her own child like that is disgusting! And she wonders why her daughters have issues with her 'til this day!?

Jackie and Brooke meet up and squash their beef.  They both apologize for the fight that we will never witness and they agreed to move on and move forward.  You know Jackie won't be coming for Brooke ever again in her life! The aftermath of fight proved that Jackie got mopped and can't fight worth a damn!

Malaysia plans a skating party at a roller rink and the theme is 80s, how original! Doug, the smartest one on the cast, decides to sit this one out and lets his crazy wife fend for herself.  The girls all show up with leotards stuck up their butts and Brooke's build-a-body is on display, on display, on display.  Instead of enjoying the skating rink, the ladies are all standing around talking about how two-faced Laura is (yawn).  Bambi is opening her big gums about Laura and trying to gain an ally in Brooke.  These girls are so messy I can't take it. 

Jackie then decides to confront Laura about the things she has been hearing.  Jackie is pulling the victim card and Laura straight up tells her she doesn't care what she thinks. But despite it all, Laura tells Jackie that they are still friends lol. I feel like I'm watching the 2012 version of that movie "Mean Girls".  These women are so adolescent it's hilarious.

Draya finds it necessary to meet up with Gloria to let her know that Laura is being fake with Jackie. WTF kind of shizz is this and why did I spend an hour of my life watching it? The producers of this show are really grasping at straws for some story lines.

Jackie is planning to show her horrid fashions during New York's fashion week and she asks Malaysia to walk in the show.  MayMay agrees and Jackie is so excited, she is going to put together something fabulous for May to wear.  I can't wait to see the monstrosity that will be  created on Jackie's sewing machine.

What did you think of this week's episode of Basketball Wives? Are you tired of the constant Jackie and Laura drama?


  1. I almost cried hearing Chantal talk about her mother like that. Jackie has some mental issues she needs to deal with. I can't believe she would pit her daughters against each other like that.

    1. The black community needs to stop with this "light skinned, dark skinned" debate. It's getting old and tired and Jackie's old ass should be ashamed of herself.