Oct 21, 2012

Tamar & Vince - Couple Plans to Sell Their Home

Photo Courtesy of Tamar's Twitter

Well, what do we have here? Our least favorite Braxton, Tamar.com and her husband Vincent Herbert, have found themselves in the news a lot recently.  The couple have been plagued with divorce rumors and now, they have placed their Hidden Hills, California home on the market.

Tamar and Vince bought the San Fernando Valley home in September of 2011 for $7 million dollars.  And now, a little over a year later, they are trying to unload the mansion for the bargain price of $7.5 million.  Is this a case of Vince thinking his money was longer than it really was and he is now forced to get rid of the home? Did Vince realize that he really doesn't need a house of this size? Or, is the couple really headed for divorce?

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Rumors about the couple have circulated for a long time and Tamar has always been labeled as a gold digger but I think these two really do have some chemistry.  If Vince were broke, would Tamar swang that blonde lacefront in his direction? Probably not, but such is life.  Money can buy a man many things (including a wife) and if Tamar and Vince are happy in their faux relationship then more power to them! 

Pictures of Tamar and Vince's home...

Will you be making an offer on this residence?


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