Oct 11, 2012

Keyshia & Daniel - Neffeteria Politely Declined Keyshia's Wedding Invite

Neffeteria Pugh, Keyshia Cole & Frankie Lons in bad weaves happier times.

Poor Frankie must have been out of her mind when she named that child Neffeteria.  It's like a mix between "cafeteria" and the Egyptian princess Nefertiti.  That is so wrong on multiple levels!

I thought it was odd that Keyshia Cole's sister Neffeteria was missing from episode one of "Keyshia & Daniel: Family First" that premiered Monday night on BET.  Well, according to Neffe, she WAS invited to the wedding in Hawaii but she did not receive an invite until two days prior to the nuptials taking place.

Neffe sat down with S2S online and confirmed that she and her sister Keyshia's relationship has been damaged ever since the "Frankie & Neffe Show" premiered on BET.

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“Everybody in the world knows it’s been off and on with myself and Keyshia. Don’t get me wrong. I love my sister and she loves me. Somewhere down the line we went our separate ways, but while I’ve been focused on trying to rebuild our relationship, she’s been busy rebuilding her career and been focused on her family,” said Neffe, who explained why she didn’t attend Keyshia’s wedding.
“I didn’t go to the wedding because I wasn’t properly invited. I’m just being honest,” Neffe said. “I wasn’t invited to the actual wedding ceremony in Vegas. I was invited to the wedding/taping in Hawaii and I felt like if I wasn’t invited to the first one, why should I go to a ceremony that you’re taping in Hawaii?”
Neffe said she also felt less than welcome since some members of her immediate family weren’t invited.
“I got a phone call two days before the wedding and only myself and my two daughters were invited. My husband and my five children were not,” she said. “I could not just get up and hop on a plane and go to a wedding ceremony. That was craziness to me.”

Did I read that wrong or is Neffe saying that she has seven kids now? 

Hopefully Keyshia and Neffe can work through their problems and mend their relationship.  I would love to see Neffe back on reality t.v. too! 


  1. Dang Neffe, 7 kids? now thats just freaking craziness. Slow down girl it is not that serious. Please get your hubby fixed smh