Oct 1, 2012

Hollywood Exes - What is Going on in Nicole Murphy's Love Life?

A Photo of Nicole Murphy and her fiance Michael Strahan from Nicole's Twitter. 9/30/2012

Nicole Murphy's role on VH1's Hollywood Exes reality show has made me really curious about her.  I decided to get my CSI on and do a little more digging on this stunning peacock and her love life.  All information is public knowledge (via the internet) or alleged so please don't send any lawsuits my way, Ms. Murphy!

Let's get started with Nicole's ex husband Eddie "Da Queen" Murphy

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I made a post way back when about Eddie and Nicole's marriage.  Eddie had two children outside of his relationship with Nicole and she still stayed with him and eventually married him.  One thing I did not want to touch on at that time is Eddie's alleged sexual preference.  I'm not going to go off of heresy and talk about the longstanding rumors of Eddie allegedly letting his gay lover, R&B singer Johnny Gil, live in the guest house of the home he shared with Nicole.  But what I am going to talk about is Eddie's involvement with a transexual back in the 90s.

A photo of a pregnant Nicole Murphy, her ex-husband Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gil creeping in the background.

In 1997, Eddie was getting his cruise on down Santa Monica Boulevard while driving Nicole's SUV.  The area was known to have transexual prostitutes and men who were looking for homosexual no strings attached sex would frequent the area.  Eddie drove up to a transexual by the name of Atisone Kenneth Seiuli and was later pulled over by police officers.  Eddie told the police that he was just being a good samaritan by giving Seiuli a ride but Seiuli had an entirely different story.  Seiuli claimed that Eddie asked if he could see him in lingerie and he even asked Seiuli what kind of acts he liked to get into.  Hmmm....that doesn't sound like a good samaritan to me, sounds like Eddie was looking for a little down low lovin'.   Eddie was let go and warned about being in that area and Atisone was arrested for having warrants.

A Photo of Atisone Kenneth Seiuli

The incident hit the tabloids within 24 hours and many transexuals came forward to make allegations of having relations with the actor.  All of the transexuals were later paid off and recanted their stories except for Seiuli.  Seiuli stood by his story until the day he died which ironically, was one year after he met Eddie.  Seiuli mysteriously died after falling off the roof of his five story apartment building.  Hmm, sum-ting's fishy! 

Although I am unaware about how this incident initially effected Nicole and Eddie's marriage, I do know that they stayed married for an additional six years after Eddie was busted.  Who knows what her reasons for staying were (my guess is money) but Eddie was Nicole's first love and so you can't fault her for staying with him unless you walked in her shoes, right?

Well, let's move on to Nicole's current relationship with ex-football star and current television host Michael Strahan.  Nicole and Strahan have been engaged since 2009 and it doesn't look like they are in any rush to walk down the aisle.  

Strahan was previously married to Jean Strahan and during the divorce preceedings, Jean claimed that Strahan was having an affair...with another man.  Who was the lucky man? Well, it was none other than t.v. doctor Ian Smith.

Strahan's alleged ex-lover Dr. Ian Smith

Jean alleges that Strahan moved into Smith's one bedroom apartment in New York and a love affair began.  Strahan immediately went on the Wendy William's show to dispel the rumors.  He told Wendy that he could have stayed at a hotel but Dr. Smith opened his home to him and he accepted *side eye*.  Dr. Smith also denied the claims and said he is happily married (to a woman who he dated for 14 years before tying the knot *another side eye*).  But why wasn't Dr. Smith's wife living in the apartment while Strahan was living there? Hmm...Dr. Smith does have a twin brother who is gay though.  So maybe Jean got the two mixed up?  Who knows.

My point in all of this is, Nicole seems to have a type: men who might possibly like other men.  It can't be a coincidence that her two high profile relationships have been with men who have been involved in alternative relationship scandals. I'm going to need Nicole to get it together pronto.  She's too cute to be bearding for these Hollywood men. 

This past week, rumors surfaced that Nicole and Strahan had broken up but Nicole is still tweeting about her boo as if they are still together.  If they do break up, I'm sure we will see Nicole on the arm of another suspect man.

So, what do you think about Nicole's taste in men?


  1. Wow, I never realized she was in relationships with two suspect men.

    1. I did a little more research and I might have another "suspect" ex-boyfriend to add to her list. Stay tuned!

  2. yessssssssss this is juicy

  3. Nicole IS a tranny herself. She was pre-op when they met and after she had the gender reassignment surgery; Eddie lost interest. That stomach was plumped surgically for the photo op. Ask yourself why is that the ONLY pic of Nicole "pregnant" ever released? Also she's never been seen out in public pregnant for any of her other supposed "pregnancies." Eddie doesn't want any part of a REAL woman. He and Arsenio are closet queens who like MEN....Trust I KNOW. Early in Eddie's career I used to hang out with him at the Paradise Garage (a renown gay club). I was a friend of the owner Mike Brody and Eddie would hang in the DJ both with Larry Levan and the other queens. He always left with some tranny he picked up there.

    1. Well! I was going to say that Nicole leans towards these type of men because she is also bisexual. However, your thought is WAY better than mine! I could see her been a tranny. She has those hard, masculine features. The cosmetic surgery is a good cover up for they've done a helluva job on her body.